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Israeli students developed technology to produce bee-free honey

Technion wins a gold medal at the international iGEM competition in Boston. The manufacturer can also determine the properties of the honey, including its taste.

Israeli Students sign letter refusing to serve the ‘occupation’ to oppress Palestinian people

63 Students from all over Israel pen letter to PM, ministers, refusing to enlist in the IDF and perpetuate the 'occupation and 'oppress Palestinian people'

Israeli Students Develop Unique Parachute system to help disaster victims

One-ton disaster relief load successfully dropped from high altitude hits bull’s eye in tests, thanks to hi-tech parachute’s guidance system and student initiative  

Post-Brexit tuition fees for Israeli students may double

As Britain and the world begin to comprehend the widespread implications of having the country leave the EU, Israeli students in the UK and those wishing to attend its universities worry about how the move could affect their lives.

Two Israeli students kidnapped and released in Turkey, reports

The kidnappers threatened to sell the pair to the Islamic State group if their ransom demands were not met

Israeli students to train as ‘online ambassadors’

  The Israeli Education Ministry is launching a course to train students to be young “online ambassadors” for Israel on social networks. The time students...

Seeing by Hearing : Israeli Students Develop An Electronic ‘Guide Dog’ For The Blind

- The invention is based on a Kinect camera, mobile phone application and headphones. - - Three undergraduate students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering...

Israeli students invent a self-guided robotic intubation device

- Hebrew University Biodesign students invent Robotic Intubation Prototype Crawls to the Lungs in Difficult Situations. - The future of intubation - Intubation is the placement of a plastic tube...

First Formula Car Launched by Israeli students

- Ahmed Omri unveiling the new formula vehicle / Moran Maayan, Technion Spokesperson   The Technion's first Formula car was unveiled at an exhibition of...

Wharton Israeli MBA Students To Get Full Scholarships

  Distinguished Wharton School of business in Philadelphia is now offering full scholarships to Israeli MBA students. The money for the scholarships comes from a...