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PM Netanyahu’s Speech at the White House Signing Ceremony for the Historic Peace Agreements, the “Abraham Accords”, with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain

Press Release PM Netanyahu: The people of Israel well know the price of war. And this is why I am so deeply moved to be...

The EU Is Not Happy About Kosovo And Serbia Moving Embassies To Jerusalem

Last Friday, the tiny European nations of Kosovo and Serbia, both formerly part of Yugoslavia, announced that they would move their embassies to Jerusalem....

UAE Delegation To Officially Visit Israel

On September 22 an official delegation from The United Arab Emirates will visit Israel. While there has been no official confirmation yet from the...

PM Netanyahu ‘privately condoned’ U.S. sale of F-35s to UAE, New York Times

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "privately condoned" the American sale of advanced F-35 fighter jets to the UAE despite his public claims to the contrary,...

Jared Kushner Is Coming Back to Israel

The US Presidential envoy Jared Kushner and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are both on their way to Israel for talks. They will also visit Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Sudan, and Morocco

Lebanese president Aoun signals at possibility of peace talks with Israel

Speaking with BFM TV network on Saturday Aoun answered about the possibility of ending the conflict with Lebanon's neighboring country and a longtime enemy: “That depends."

Israel postponed annexation because of a historic agreement with the United Arab Emirates

The agreement will include mutual investment, tourism, direct flights, security, and technology. Netanyahu wrote on Twitter: "Historical day"

Beirut explosion leaves 250,000 homeless, hospital decimated

Rescue teams look for victims, survivors buried under debris; Local healthcare system in Lebanese capital severely strained by massive influx of some 4,000 injured civilians

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