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Jewish Business News Privacy Policy

Thank you (“You, ” “Your, ” or “Yourself”) for visiting the Jewish Business News website (the “Site”), a website owned and operated by Jewish Business News Ltd. (“JBN, ” “We, ” “Us” or “Our”), a company registered under the laws of the State of Israel. Your privacy is important to Us. This privacy policy (the “Policy”) explains Our policy regarding the collection, use, disclosure and protection of Your information. This Policy applies to information provided or collected through the Site and in connection with any features of the Site (the “Services”). If You have any questions about this Policy, please feel free to contact Us at

JBN respects Your privacy as a User of the Site as set forth in the Policy and as amended from time to time with or without notice to You. JBN may amend the Policy at any time by posting a revised version on the Site and, as such, You should check frequently to see if the Policy has been amended.

  1. Registration to Services.

Some of the services in the Site may require registration. In the course of the registration, You will be required to provide personal information, such as Your name, address, contact details or e-mail address or your credit card information. The fields which are designated for compulsory completion shall be explicitly indicated. If You do not enter the requisite data in the compulsory fields, You will be unable to register to the services requiring registration.

  1. The Data Base.

The information You provide when registering for the Services will be stored in our data base. You are not required by law to provide the information, but You will not be able to use all or a portion of the services if you do not provide such information.

  1. Use of Information.

In the course of Your use of the Site, it is possible that information pertaining to Your usage of the Site and the Services, including advertisements that You have read on the Site, the pages You watched, offers and Services that were of interest to You, the modes of payment used by You, the location of the computer through which You had access to the Site, will be gathered of accumulated. JBN will store this information in its data base. Any use of this data shall be made only in accordance with the terms of the Policy or with the provisions of applicable law – for the following purposes:

To enable You to use the Services;

To improve and expand the Services and the content offered on the Site, including creating new Services and content which correspond to the requirements and expectations of the users of the Site and modifying or canceling existing Services and content. The information used by JBN for this purpose shall be mainly statistical information, which will not identify You personally;

To create personal zones on the Site, which you can modify according to Your preferences;

To purchase products and Services on the Site, including publication of information and content on Your behalf;

To tailor advertisements You view during Your visit to the Site to your special area of interest. Any information used by JBN for this purpose will not identify You personally by name or address;

JBN may e-mail you from time to time information pertaining to the Services, as well as marketing and advertising material, whether information published by YBN itself or information received from other posting advertisers for publication purposes. You may ask at any time to cease to receive information of that kind. We will not transfer your personal details to any advertisers;

To contact You (as and when necessary) or to analyze and provide statistical information to third parties, including advertisers. Any such information will not identify You personally;

To any other purpose, as specified herein or in the Terms of Service of the Site; and

For the orderly and proper operation and development of the Site. No information used for this purpose will be transferred to any third party, except to the extent permitted under this Policy, as updated from time to time;

  1. Transfer of Information to Third Parties.

JBN will not transfer Your personal details and any information collected pertaining to Your activities on the Site (as far as such details and information identify You personally), to any third party, except in the following cases:

When You purchase products and services from trade and content partners of JBN or when You take part in any other third-party content-related activity or in joint activities of JBN and a third party, which are presented on the Site. In these cases, these partners may be provided with information they need for completion of the purchase procedure, for management of relevant content-related activity and in order to maintain contact with You;

Should you breach JBN’s Terms of Services, or any of the Services provided therein or should You perform or attempt to perform any allegedly illegal action, through the Site or in connection therewith. In these cases, JBN may transfer the information as shall be deemed necessary;

If JBN shall receive a court order instructing it to transfer Your details or any information about You to a third party;

In any case of dispute, claim, action, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between JBN and You; and

If JBN determines that the transfer of such information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to Your person or property or to the person or property of any third party.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are used for the ongoing and orderly operation of the Site, including for the purpose of collecting statistical data about use of the Site, the verification of information, adjusting the Site to Your personal preferences and for purposes of information security. Cookies are text files created by Your browser according to a command accessed on the Site. If You do not wish to receive Cookies, You may cancel them by changing the definitions in Your browser; however, please bear in mind that disabling the Cookies may prevent You from using some of the Services. Moreover, You can delete the Cookies from Your computer any time. It is recommended that You do so only if you are sure that you do not want the Site to correspond to Your individual preferences.

  1. Third-Party Advertising.

JBN permits other companies to manage the advertisements display scheme on the Site. The advertisements that You see during Your visit to the Site originated from the computers of these companies. To manage their advertisements, such companies post Cookies on Your computer and place web beacons in the advertisements or on the sites’ pages. The Web beacons are tiny graphics with a unique identifier embedded in internet pages and are used to help collect information about the usage of the site. The collected information does not identify You and is only intended to match the displayed advertisements to Your interests. The use of such companies of Cookies and web beacons is subject to their privacy policies and not to this Policy. Such companies have no access to JBN’s Cookies, and JBN has no access to them. Should you wish to check the privacy policies of the companies managing the advertising scheme on the Site, You may do so via their websites.

This website uses Adnimation to manage its programmatic ad sales, which may include the use of first and third-party cookies to collect non-sensitive, anonymized data for ad targeting purposes. Users can opt-out of personalized advertising by adjusting browser settings. You can review Adnimation's cookie and privacy policy here.
  1. Collecting Information for Statistical Purposes.

JBN uses the assistance of several companies, which provides statistical analysis services about the Site’s use. These companies collect and analyze information about the scope of the use of the Site, the frequency of the use, the access sources of users to the Site, etc. The collected information is statistical in its nature, does not identify You personally and is intended for the purposes of analysis, research and control.

  1. Data Security.

JBN implements data security systems and procedures on the Site. Although such systems and procedures reduce the risk of unauthorized entry into JBN’s computers, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, JBN does not guarantee that the services on the Site are absolutely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored therein.



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