Viktor Vekselberg Faberge eggs go on display


Vekselberg has cut the tape on a new museum dedicated to the pièces in the city of  St. Petersburg.


Viktor Vekselberg / Getty
Viktor Vekselberg / Getty


Located in part of the Schouvalovsky Palace in the center of St. Petersburg, Vekselberg’s section of the museum has now been officially opened after having undergone an extensive  restoration, at an estimated cost over €30 million.

Among the close to 4, 000 pieces pieces on display at the Museum , visitors will be able to admire for the time  the collection of  Faberge Easter eggs that Viktor Vekselberg paid  the Forbes family $100 million to own.

Viktor Vekselberg

 21 Fontanka Embankment, is the new Faberge Museum

To present his collection of Russian  works of art of which the Faberge eggs will be the centerpiece,  Vekselberg has created a cultural foundation, the Link of Times, to look after his collection of Russian cultural artifacts

While Vekselberg’s Link of Times foundation will use the Schouvalovsky Palace as their home base, they will also form part of a travelling exhibition, with the aim of displaying the collection  not only in the principal Russian cities but also in the outlying parts of the  vast country.


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