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By Jewish Business News On Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Planet Nine could spell doom for solar system, Study

The solar system could be thrown into disaster when the sun dies if the mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ exists, according to research from the University of Warwick. Dr Dimitri Veras in the Department of Physics More...

By Jewish Business News On Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Curious tilt of the sun traced to undiscovered planet Nine

  Planet Nine (X)—the undiscovered planet at the edge of the solar system that was predicted by the work of California Institute of Technology- Caltech’s Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown in January 2016—appears More...

By Jewish Business News On Monday, July 10th, 2017

A mysterious planet Mars-sized may be hiding at the edge of our solar system

  A new mysterious planet, an unseen mass object, may lurk in the outer reaches of our solar system, according to new research on the orbits of minor planets published in the Astronomical Journal. This object More...

By Jewish Business News On Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Seven Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star discovered just 39 light-years away, Watch Video

  An international research team announced on Wednesday, they’d discovered a solar system just 39 light-years away with seven Earth-size planets revolving around a small star. The Seven Earth-sized planets More...

By Jewish Business News On Friday, January 22nd, 2016

researchers find evidence of a real ninth planet in solar system

  Caltech researchers have found evidence of a giant planet tracing a bizarre, highly elongated orbit in the outer solar system. The object, which the researchers have nicknamed Planet Nine, has a mass More...

By Jewish Business News On Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

NASA just discovered an Earth-like planet

NASA’s Kepler mission has confirmed the first near-Earth-size planet in the “habitable zone” around a sun-like star. Earth 2.0 is: It’s 60% larger than Earth. It’s most likely rocky, meaning More...

By Jewish Business News On Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Fifty Years To The Day After The Visit To Mars: The First Visit To The Dwarf Planet Pluto

  This afternoon, the spacecraft New Horizons will pass over Pluto and will send valuable information to the planet Earth. Members of the research team of Prof. Hagai Perets from the Technion, who are More...

By Reggie Reiner On Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

‘Cannibal In The Jungle’: Animal Planet Brings The Un-True Story Of American Cannibal Timothy Darrow And The Indonesian Hobbit Legend To Television

Was Sunday night’s TV movie “The Cannibal in the Jungle” Which aired on Animal Planet’s latest installment of Monster Week based on a true story? People are wondering. Whether or not More...

By Louis Rene Beres On Monday, March 22nd, 2021

A Stain on Jewish Values: Israel’s Misguided Obeisance to Donald Trump

Adolf Behrman/Talmudysci Prof. Louis René Beres “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. This is the entire Torah; the rest is commentary…. Rabbi Hillel, Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat More...

By Louis Rene Beres On Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Looking Beyond “America First”: Thought-Based Legal Strategies for Long-Term Survival

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin/ Wikipedia Louis Rene Beres, professor emeritus of international law at Purdue “The egocentric ideal of a future reserved for those who have managed to attain egoistically More...

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