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Donald Trump’s Swamp Nation: US in Great Danger

Hitler Swamp started with 6.5% in 1924, dropped to 3% and then 2.6% over the next eight years. Even at that low in 1928 when combined with the nationalist, vote total was 16.8%

Donald Trump, the nationalist (so called patriotic)
After writing most of this article two things just made the news. In Boca Raton there was a man who held up signs that denied the Holocaust and that “Jews Rape Kids” and “The Holocaust Is a Lie.” Then in New York Newsday it was reported that Long Islanders are facing lower wages and higher housing prices (150 percent of the increase in “Tough Time for Long Island Millennials”). Read on about Trump’s America.

We have heard the quote that there were good people on both sides.

Now we have learned more about the leader of the free world from Michael Cohen.

Trump will remain in power due to another “loophole” in our government. A sitting president cannot be indicted. But…but…but this is the opinion of Kenneth Starr at the time of the investigation of Bill Clinton. “It is proper, constitutional, and legal for a federal grand jury to indict a sitting president for serious criminal acts that are not part of, and are contrary to, the president’s official duties,” according to a Starr office memo recently uncovered by The New York Times. “In this country, no one, even President Clinton, is above the law,” the memo read.

I do believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. I have not forgotten that.

Amid reports of impeachment of Trump, our nation’s fate really rests with the people coming to together to recognize great problems and resolve them.

Based on information that we now have, Trump is an “unindicted co-conspirator.”

I would demand that Trump resign from office. He is toxic.

This is a time to take seriously R-E-S-P-E-C-T for all people. R.I.P. Aretha.

Breaking news about the alt-right. Available online is a study of white identity, discrimination, and solidarity that shows that 6 percent of our nation identifies with all three. If that group can influence more people, that can be achieved by directly appealing to the twenty-five percent of people that identify with each of the three groups and that is extremely dangerous. Notice that none of the categories is nationalist and read on.

Keep in mind that the Hitler Swamp started with 6.5 percent in 1924, but dropped to 3 percent and then 2.6 percent over the next eight years. Even at that low in 1928 when combined with the nationalist (so called patriotic) vote that combined total was 16.8 percent. The high was in 1924 where it stood that year at 26 percent. Then we get to the Great Depression (which the United States is not experiencing) and in four years the Hitler Swamp rose to 37.4 percent which was 43.6 percent combined with the nationalist voters. Of course those nationalist voters moved largely into the Swamp falling, falling, falling more in love with the National Socialist Party of Adolph Hitler. And the rest is history!

During the Spanish Civil War which Franco won, the democratically achieved government that Franco fought a war to end, was people who believed in democracy, communists, socialists, and anarchists. There was confiscation of property at that time, but factories and other property were restored to the owners after the people in power saw that the new way was not working. These was brotherhood put in place in the mid to late 1930s there. There were about 90 African-Americans who went to Spain to help the Republicans fight Franco. There was a situation where a Spanish woman appeared to wipe the face of a man, perhaps thinking that she could wipe the paint off his face, according to what I have read and then instantly hugged the man for coming to the aid of people who felt oppressed by centuries of rule.

Trump’s Very Dangerous GPS: Why Hitler (Mein Kampf)? Why Trump (Mein Trumpf)?

We can go on to look at Iran and the Ayatollah Khomeini’s anti-Americanism that was even supported by Saddam Hussein and they were both serious rivals for power. Khomeini was a Shiite and Hussein was a Sunni. Then we could look at 1991 when Hussein attacked Kuwait to take its oil (Trump repeatedly has said that he would have taken the oil), but Hussein quickly went into a new PR mode and told the world that he was the defender of the faith. This was told to us in 2003 by Justin Wintle in the History of Islam. It’s always important for people to cover their mistakes as fast as they can. Trump uses similar tactics all the time. He is still telling people that there was no collusion after Michael Cohen’s testimony about payments made to hush up his affair before the 2016 Election.

Trump just kind of quietly revealed that his deal making has been falling short. He gave Israel the recognition and the US embassy in Jerusalem, but now he states that Israel will have to do more since he gave them the embassy. Things have not been going well and Trump is responsible. In addition the news out of Mecca, where the Pilgrimage is taking place, is that the people gathering there (over two million) have spoken that they are very critical of the US action in Jerusalem. How many of those two million are critical? How many more people can they influence? What will the future look like in relation to world peace? I cannot answer those questions, but a review of what happened in Hitler’s Germany gives us a guide to think about.

Trump has come clean about Stormy Daniels and the meeting at Trump Tower with the Russians. He did it escape perjury, but he is still protected by no sitting president can be indicted. Steve Bannon says that what is taking place will be a “banner call” for Republican voters to get mobilized. My point is that a huge amount of Republican voters make up this Trump Swamp and saving our nation is very important, especially as their will be more so-called “fake news” coming from the Mueller investigation.

And in the discussion of the Trump economy which is as much a borrowed economy of bull markets since 2009 and certain “fake news” that includes people in his administration continuing to tout the historic lowest Black unemployment which went up soon after it reached its low, and which does not concentrate on things that would Make America Great.

Take this as an example. The Business Insider reports this week that in California there are 15,000 families in the Los Angeles area alone that are living in cars, vans, and RV’s. Now some of these people may have decided to do that to achieve something better soon, but clearly people cannot even afford apartments in California and we would not expect them to drive to Alabama each afternoon to sleep there (Alabama is much more affordable). That information came from the statistics provided by the United States Housing and Urban Development. In other words, we did obtain the information because Dr. Ben Carson, the head of HUD, was disturbed and made a public statement about this problem.

As we have been told for years now, adult children cannot afford to live on their own. Has that situation improved under Trump and have jobs been created that restore people to the jobs and salaries that they had before? Or could it be that those people who have taken the jobs of people who receive lower pay are going nowhere in the Trump economy and that what has happened is that more of those low paying jobs have been created. All of this cannot make anyone great.

Even though the nursing field has had a twenty percent increase, we will need more than a million more nurses in four years and that is not happening. I was advocating for undocumented immigrants to study nursing and other medical professions that would help the United States to provide adequate or better than adequate health care to our nation’s people, especially the elderly who need more help. Proposals that provide to the Dreamers, for example, free college tuition or in-state tuition costs are certainly part of that plan, especially since the courts have ordered the reinstatement of DACA.

Even before DACA in various states, those immigrants had the right to earn a college education (qualified by completing high school or earning a GED). Some states violated those rights and I protested and provided the names of states that did not allow GED testing in Spanish and French. Those states apparently chose to (for example) Make South Carolina Great Again (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia also in 2006 in Spanish) and there were others before 2006.

Amazing discrimination in America! I was told amazing stories which were really stories about discrimination such as we have a problem with the Spanish GED in Texas and we had lots of people who knew Creole and not French in Massachusetts as that state said it made an agreement with Maine so people could go there to take the test (and nobody went).

Trump: Conspirator-in-Chief

It’s really understandable that Trump supporters in West Virginia (see my article in Jewish Business News where I mention my outreach to Private First Class Jessica Lynch who was born in Palestine, West Virginia) would rally around Trump even after the Cohen verdict. You’ve read about the parallels above. Forty percent is the approximate support for Trump. His way of talking to his base could be compared with Hitler’s mannerisms which helped him win votes. “Either we segregate Jews or we destroy our race,” Hitler told crowds. Simple words like Trump uses and will continue to use. Hitler had a “weak” handshake, but Trump’s strong handshake is not going to save him. It’s not the handshake or the campaign speeches. Substance and character matter! The public view that Trump lasted and won is a tribute to Trump is now going to erode fast.

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