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Trump: Conspirator-in-Chief

It’s time to take the many, many shortcomings of this administration, particularly Trump himself who is your so-called commander-in-chief.  He acts much more like the conspirator-in-chief.

Trump, conspirator-in-Chief against veterans

The 507th Maintenance Company was ambushed in the Battle of Nasiriyah in 2003.

When Private First Class Jessica Lynch was the talk of America after being rescued in Iraq and returning to her home in West Virginia, I did an outreach to people in that town to help Americans.  Her name is barely mentioned today, but by her own account she never fired her weapon in the battle that led to her capture. Her weapon jammed.

I have done other things to try to help veterans over the years, but upon learning of the high divorce rate of soldiers coming home from the fighting in the Middle East and learning that the drop out rate from high school was high among their children, I tried to wake up our military to things that could help.  Semper Fidelis is often just fiction.

Today we see that Donald Trump is removing protections for veterans against fraud that have been in place since the Bush Administration in 2006.  Protection bureaus say that there will be predatory lenders seeking to take advantage of veterans, but the Trump Administration is putting the shoe on the other foot and requiring complaints to take action.  Fight for the continued application of the Military Lending Act of 2006 now and join with others.  School children already have been targeted by Secretary of Education Betsy Ross in the area of civil rights for fewer protections.  We either stand together or we fall together.  It has also been reported by what Trump calls “fake news” that military families are four times more likely to be targeted by predatory lenders.  There have been 71,000 complaints over the years and the critical thing is that there has been “enforcement actions” as well.  Under the Trump proposal buying a car may lead to higher “gap” insurance which will increase payments.

Patrick Murray the associate director of legislation for the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States asks that a shining light give us greater awareness of what is going on.  It’s time to take the many, many shortcomings of this administration, particularly Trump himself who is your so-called commander-in-chief.  He acts much more like the conspirator-in-chief.

I have learned a lot about things that have been going on in Louisiana and I expect that you will soon hear about what has happened to the families of Floyd Hamilton III and others.  See my article in Jewish Business News.  But there is another story coming out of Louisiana that could adversely affect millions of people in the state.  This is the matter of the Bank of America and Citibank and the bid to fund a bond.

Blog/ Trump Hides Behind MS-13 (His Human Shield) As Our Nation Demands Action

There were 13 votes cast and by a vote of 7 to 6 it was ruled to ban those banks in the bidding.  The reason given by one of the men was that those banks have violated the Second Amendment to the Constitution by supporting a policy against gun companies.

The Bank of America recently loaned $43.2 million to Remington (a gun manufacturer), so that is problematic in the rendering of the decision by John M. Shroeder who is the treasurer of the Bond Commission and he has been backed by a Republican state senator in this matter.  It seems almost certain now that the people of the state of Louisiana are going to pay more for the loan and the outcome has been an undemocratic decision by a veteran who thinks he knows it all.  A Republican legislator criticized Shroeder and the decision for establishing policy in that manner.  Let’s hope that the decision gets rescinded somehow.

Former CIA Director John Brennan and Trump have been trading insults and Brennan says that Trump is “Drunk on power.”  Trump gives the illusion of caring about our servicemen and veterans, but isn’t his latest move making our veterans kneel to him during the playing of our national anthem?  I say that the N.F.L. controversy is about justice for all of us and not for the few.  If I were in Louisiana right now, I would be demanding to know more about the decision of Shroeder and others because the decision smells fishy to me.

I stopped in Muskogee, Oklahoma many years ago to reflect about my dad who was there in the 1940s far from his home in Brooklyn, New York to serve in the military.  My mom found out way too late that my father was eligible for veterans’ benefits. So that bothers me that he was not informed properly.  It does not bother me that the commander-in-chief had 4 deferments and then was given a 4-F. What does bother me is now that he has been in power for a year and a half, he is not for the veterans.

In today’s breaking news we note that the Republican governor of Florida who killed a federally funded high-speed train project from Tampa to Orlando in 2011 and right now his wife has millions of dollars in the Fortune Investment Group which has proposed the private line between those to cities.  This information came out as Governor Scott had to release this information because he is running now for the United States Senator.  Remember that Trump did not release his taxes and the Scott matter may alert readers to think about the conspirator-in-chief.  There is also another conspiracy theory about White House Counsel Don McGahn whose lawyer, William A. Burck, has been concerned that Trump seems to want McGahn to take the blame in the obstruction of justice matter.  The two devised their own strategy to provide information to Special Counsel Mueller.  Let’s devise our own strategies from now on.

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