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BLOG / Stop the Wall and Protect Us All: Trump’s Meeting After the Shooting in Parkland, Florida Not Presidential

Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit Douglas High School student Maddy Wilford her family Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

I wrote about stopping the costly wall days ago in the Jewish Business News, but nobody in Trump’s meeting mentioned that.

A few attendees of the White House meeting praised Donald Trump, a meeting that included survivors and others of the mass shooting in Parkland Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. There were no voices that criticized him and his handling of the country, but those African-Americans who hail from Washington, D.C. were upset about the killings in their communities that have not gotten this kind of attention. They just did not use words to express how they felt about Donald Trump. The presence of these people was important as our nation looks for solutions, but we should find out why they did not elaborate more. Were they supposed to refrain from criticism of the President? I missed Emma Gonzalez and her criticism of Donald Trump.

Let me quickly point out to you a comment made by Donald Trump to show you how this man thinks under pressure. He spoke about the pilots who carry guns on planes. It didn’t seem to him that the use of a lot of security and metal detectors was important at that moment. He did that to promote his idea of using armed teachers and others in the schools. We would be amazed if anyone with a gun could get past all that security and threaten the pilot and his crew. There could be an inside job, I guess. Just like the restaurant and toilet scene in the Godfather where Michael Corleone goes to get the gun to kill a man. Trump has America focused on getting to second base without even reaching first base. First base consists of those important, critical, preventative measures. Trump was thrown out at first base on that one. He deserves to be out!

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Now one important thing that was missed was the failure of the F.B.I., which was mentioned. The F.B.I. has been blamed severely by Donald Trump, because of its focus on Russian collusion. The F.B.I. issued a statement that nobody from Miami is working on the Russian collusion; however, there were calls during the meeting to increase deputies at the school and fund things that counties have refused to fund after killings at schools. The F.B.I. could have either been more knowledgeable or had a larger staff where someone could have picked up the information about Nikolas Cruz and done something about it. The president failed to mention anything like that.

Someone talked about Israel and its gun laws. It was mentioned that a person in Israel must be twenty-seven to get a gun and only one gun. In the United States the sky is the limit. That point was very interesting, but it will never be supported by the N.R.A. and its followers who receive huge donations in the Congress. I wonder if Trump is going to mention that at any future meeting? I doubt it! Can you see Americans returning all their guns except one?

The best was at the very end of the meeting. A parent of a seven-year old who was killed in the Sandy Hook Massacre pointed out that his community has saved lives since the massacre there by preventing shootings and suicides and stopping bullying. It took an hour for this come out. There were others who spoke about checking points made on students in buildings and how students could relate to each other much better, but there was someone who spoke about the protections that the White House and the Department of Education have that schools do not or may never have. Those officials are very well protected and that costs a lot of money.

Nobody mentioned that Donald Trump wants to spend at least $18 billion on a wall across the Mexican border, money that would be the answer to their dreams of protecting students in schools and in neighborhoods. Even the many African-Americans who spoke out let this important political issue go by.

With all the talk about background checks, more mental services and institutions (even Trump indicated which is in short supply today), more programs, more armed teachers, administrators, and newly hired veterans who can shoot a gun, metal detectors are badly needed now. Maybe Trump can create a wall with metal detectors for all those schools. He did float the idea of a wall with solar panels already.


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