Published On: Thu, Aug 7th, 2014

Hannah Bronfman’s Gym Selfie Secret: ‘I’m All Over The Place’


Hannah Bronfman discusses the body secrets behind her famous gym selfies. In addition to life as a DJ, model, co-founder of the app Beautified that assists in locating gyms and salons and her activities with GreenOwl, an environmentally-friendly record label, Bronfman is fond of snapping  images of her bod for social media or having them snapped by her boyfriend, Brendan Fallis.

And let’s face it. Hannah Bronfman, daughter of Edgar Bronfman Jr., CEO of Warner Music group, and scion of the Bronfman dynasty, has an eminently snappable bod, which undoubtedly makes her family proud. So how does she do it?

Hannah Bronfman told Amber Kallor of  Beauty Counter that while she is partial to the Beyonce workout, she likes to mix it up and create “muscle confusion” to prevent working the same muscle groups and neglecting others. She enjoys pilates, boxing, resistance yoga, trampolines, plyometrics and “explosive movement.”

“Basically, ” she admits, “I’m all over the place. Doing something different every day is my ultimate goal.” Her gyms of choice in New York include: The Movement, Barry’s Bootcamp, SLT, Bari and Body by Simone. She works out 5 days a week which she admits isn’t easy, since she has to be at work by 9 am.

When it comes to food, Hannah is “obsessed” with Cliff bars, because they are high-protein without a lot of sugar; “The chocolate chip cookie dough is insane.” She isn’t so much into juicing cleanses because of the amount of sugar in the juices, but she does have her favorite smoothie combinations, because smoothies keep the fiber and are more filling. In terms of keeping slim, she finds Harley Pasternak’s book, The Body Reset, to be helpful, and enjoys Pasternak’s seasonal recipes.

Okay so now we’ve got the body. How do we take the selfies?
“The key is to get into a position you think is impressive, and then snap at a good angle … I can usually get the shot in three snaps, but it never hurts to hit the burst button on the iPhone an pick the best one … Brendan Fallis, my workout partner in crime, takes my videos and photos. I do the same for him. His videos are more impressive than mine. My little sister Bettina (aged 13) is becoming quite the iPhone photographer as well.”

“The good booty shot is all about light and angles. You just need to feel confident and have fun with it. Instagram is full of inspiration for photos.”



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