Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2013

Top 9 Chinese Industries Of Interest To Israeli Companies / New Series (5)

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In a previous article on trade with China, I stated that many Israeli companies could have strong potential in the Chinese market. Over the next several days I will provide snap-shots of some of the most rapidly growing industry groups in China, which I believe could be targeted by Israeli businesses . This time:




Green Technology

With the eye-catching high GDP growth, China has paid a heavy price for its environmental depredation and energy depletion, China is facing more and more serious air-pollution and water-pollution along with ascending dependence on energy importation. Now China is at a crossroads in its green-tech development, needing to take effective measures in order to solve growing pollution and energy challenges.

Targets specified in the current 12th Five-Year Plan are being outpaced by the impact of rapid growth and urbanization, despite China investing over US $67 billion in green-tech during 2012, the largest amount in the world. China’s new leadership has repeatedly voiced both concern and commitment to change which, coupled with growing public concern, witnesses a historic opportunity for China to reverse environmental degradation during economic growing.

China’s green technology industry has great potential to develop in diverse areas such as new energy utilization, energy saving, alternative energy, green agricultural, low-carbon Eco-cities and Eco-building, pollution controlling and abating and so forth. Israel has world-class green technology, expertise and products to apply to Chinese market.

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About the Author

- Benjamin Peng is a global business advisor and consultant, based in Shanghai. He is the founder of Chinabridge International Business Consultancy. Mr. Peng has been monitoring closely the Israel-China business relationship.

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