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Group from Dubai Submits a Bid to Acquire Israir

NY Koen Group announced this morning that it will submit a bid for the acquisition of the Israeli airline, which is for sale by the liquidator of IDB

Emirates Flight Catering To Offer Kosher Food

Emirates Flight Catering establishes Kosher Arabia and will begin offering kosher food on the more than 100 airlines that it services by the start...

Israel working on direct flights to Dubai over Saudi Arabia

PM Netanyahu said Israel is working to establish direct flights between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, which would fly over Saudi Arabia's territory.

Carnival Cruise at $4.4 Billion Loss Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Carnival Cruises, which includes brands such as Princess Cruises, Cunard and P&O, selling SIX ships is a sign of the industry's bleak future

EU ratifies ‘open skies’ agreement with Israel

The deal, initially agreed upon back in 2013, was approved by the European Parliament and allows any EU and Israel airlines to fly between any point in EU and Israel

Post-Covid Travel: Israeli Comapny Pangea Introduces a Coronavirus Immunity Passport

The company plans to release a smart card that facilitates visitors' access to terminals and aircraft, while also protecting the population from spreading the virus.

Israel to restart commercial flights in mid-July, says airport chief

Even after flights restart, the number of departures will be limited; In order to revive the industry, Israel outline also health measures and a pact with states that have low COVID-19 spread

Consumers Win The Airline Refunds Battle

European Commission takes a clear stance on airline refunds siding with the passengers. The first step in the process is making vouchers more accessible and valuable

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