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By Jewish Business News On Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

People used olive oil for cooking hundreds of years earlier than previously thought

Olive oil is a basic ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine for thousands of years. But now, it would appear that it has been there for even longer than previously thought. Archaeologists discovered the healthy More...

By Jewish Business News On Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Study: Corn Oil Better than Extra Virgin Olive for Cholesterol

A study published in the January/February 2015 issue of the Journal of Clinical Lipidology indicates corn oil significantly reduces cholesterol more than extra virgin olive oil with favorable changes in both total More...

By Jewish Business News On Sunday, July 26th, 2015
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Soybean oil causes more obesity than coconut oil and fructose

A diet high in soybean oil causes more obesity and diabetes than a diet high in fructose, a sugar commonly found in soda and processed foods, according to a just published paper by scientists at the University More...

By Contributing Author On Friday, November 13th, 2020

4 Types of Diets You Should Try To Stay Healthy

Jewish Food montreal smoked meat sandwich By Contributing Author To have a healthy life, a person needs to have a good balance inside and outside. That means they need to eat the right kind of food and More...

By Contributing Author On Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Dinner Ideas for kids

By Contributing Author Children often balk at their plates at dinner time. Discover here easy to make recipes that will make your little darlings want to finish, finally, their plate even if it includes vegetables More...

By Shlomi Ella On Sunday, November 10th, 2019

Researchers Solved the mystery behind vaping-related lung disease

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed the toxin that causes deadly vaping-related lung disease which has killed  39 people in the US. So far, at least 2,051 patients have been hospitalized. CDC More...

By Jewish Business News On Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Mediterranean diet benefits only the Rich, New Study

  The surprising finding of a latest Italian study shows that The Mediterranean diet doesn’t benefit everyone. Although the diet includes healthy food such vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, fish More...

By Jewish Business News On Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

A Rare Cache of Silver Coins Dating to the Hasmonean Period was Discovered in Modi‘in

  The Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) revealed on Tuesday that it unearthed a hoard of silver coins from the Hasmonean period (126 BCE) back in April, during ongoing excavations near Modi’in with More...

By Jewish Business News On Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

WATCH: Israeli Hydro-Engineers Help Farmers Grow More With Less Water

  The agriculture industry is the world’s largest consumer of water, accounting for approximately 70% of the global freshwater supply. Much of that irrigation water is lost due to wasteful and unsustainable More...

By Buzzy Gordon On Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

The art of eating

  Museum fare is often more akin to cafeteria food than fine dining. The restaurant Modern, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, is, therefore, exceptional. The spacious eatery with the expansive view More...

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