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Jewish Business News
E 1 Therapeutics founder Dr. Ido Bachelet E 1 Therapeutics founder Dr. Ido Bachelet


Calcalist was first to publish that Israeli biotech startup 1E Therapeutics has raised $120 million in a seed fundraising round. A deal of this...


Five out of 20 billionaire American dynasties are Jewish. This is according to The website explains that America’s wealthiest families continue to maintain...


The new cash to fund acquisition of Israeli Medigate that focuses on defending medical devices from cyber threats.

How Gaming Cryptos Became A Pathway To Fintech For Generation Z

APE AND PEPE cryptocoin



Grip Security, an Israeli SaaS security startup founded in February 2021, has secured a total of $25 million in investments in the 11 short...


Google has unmasked a dangerous botnet that threatened to take over more than one million devices that use Google’s Android system. Glupteba is described...


Chris Cuomo is going to war with CNN chief Jeff Zucker. Cuomo is saying that Zucker acted improperly in firing him from the cable...


The Steven Spielberg remake of “West Side Story” is a huge hit with the critics. Spielberg has also talked about the play’s writer Stephen...


Black Box is a new project in Australia that will record the history of the world as it collapses. The people behind the project...

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Mustang Texas Marc Cuban, Google street Mustang Texas Marc Cuban, Google street

The A-List

Mark Cuban is now the proud owner of his own tiny town in Texas. Mustang is a small town of just 23 residents in...

World News

World News

As part of their annual migration, tens of millions of red crabs have blanketed roads and bridges on Christmas Island.

World News

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Covid-19 has been discovered in a variety of species, including big cats, giraffes, monkeys, ferrets,...

World News

Archaeologists in Pompeii have unearthed a room that provides a “quite uncommon view into the daily life of slaves” in the ancient Roman city,...

World News

Do aircraft really drop poop from the sky?

World News

Journalist Maria Ressa from the Philippines is the only female Nobel laureate in 2021 alongside twelve additional men.

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Business Plan Business Plan

Articles & Blogs

by Contributing Author There’s no question that having a business plan is important — especially for companies seeking any kind of external funding or approval....