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OrCam Artificial Vision Company Sees $3 Billion Valuation in IPO

OrCam tech can give sight to the blind.

Israel’s OrCam Teams With Soccer Star Lionel Messi To Help The Blind

Soccer Star Lionel Messi has signed on with Israel’s OrCam Technologies. OrCam announced that the FC Barcelona star would be joining its “OrCam Dream...

A $1 Billion Valuation for Israeli Mobileye Founders’ New Unicorn Orcam

The new Unicorn has developed a computer vision device that includes a miniature video camera and processing unit that can be attached to eyeglasses.

Mobileye founders wants to take second startup OrCam public, raises $41 million

Orcam help blind people read text including restaurant menus, street signs and It also identifies faces who were photographed with the device's camera

Intel invests $20 million in Israeli artificial vision Start up OrCam

- OrCam's product for the visually impaired resembles Google Glasses. - - Intel Capital is investing $15-20 million in OrCam Technologies Ltd. The company develops a range of...

Israeli Companies Looking at Billion Dollar IPOs in 2021

IronSource, OrCam and Taboola are among the ones hopping for huge exits next year.

Eye on the Israeli High-Tech Industry Updates (Nov 13 – Nov 20)

UAE views Israel as a strategic cybersecurity partner, says head of national cyber authority"Israel has the best talent in the field and we are...

Breakthrough artificial vision device MyMe Remembers Faces and Names for you

OrCam founders are also the founders of autonomous driving company Mobileye, which was acquired by Intel for $15 billion.

Israeli Start-Up Develops Device That Helps Blind To Read

MyEye help blind people read text including restaurant menus, street signs and even digital text on a television or computer; It also identifies faces of individuals who were previously photographed with the device's camera

Israeli Developed Devices Can Help Blind People See

Commercialization of an Israeli professor’s inventions using sound and touch may soon provide unprecedented improvement to people with severe visual impairment.