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Estimating Risks Of An Israel-Iran Nuclear War

Israel-Iran Nuclear War: it may be sensible to study what is currently happening between Washington and Pyongyang as a suitable "model" for ascertaining Israel's long-term existential threats originating from Iran.

Israel-Iran conflict in Syria reaching point of no return

Analysis: Trump's administration against the nuclear agreement is only adding fuel to the Middle East. If the diplomatic move fails—Israel-Iran conflict likely explode.

Looking Behind the Daily News: Informed Narratives on Israel’s Nuclear Challenges

How shall Israel endure in a prospectively non-rational Middle East? This question represents an authentically existential query. Nuclear counter retaliation is complicated, has many-sided and uniquely daunting.

11 dead in Israeli attack in Syria, including 7 Iranians, Report

20 targets were attacked tonight in Syria in response to the rocket fire at Israel. IDF says hitting targets belonging to Iran's elite Quds force

British report: Iran has ‘military advantage over US and allies in Middle East’

A 217-page study, compiled by the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, states that Iran's influence in the Middle East grows despite US sanctions

Netanyahu: We unveiled other secret sites for nuclear weapons development in Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a dramatic press conference said that the International Atomic Energy Agency found nuclear material uranium that Iran had hidden in a warehouse near Tehran. "This is the most serious breach of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty," Netanyahu clarified

Israel, Iran and Project Daniel: A Six-Year Retrospective

Project Daniel was commissioned to assess the threat to the nation of Israel from enemy states in the Middle East, drawing particular attention to Iran. In 2009, Professor Beres (USA) presented an invited six-year retrospective on Project Daniel. It is now ten years after that 2009 Herzliya presentation, and "according to Project Daniel Chair Professor Louis Rene Beres, the core dynamics explained to Sharon in 2003 are still entirely valid."

Israel believes Iran could have a nuclear bomb in two years

Military Intelligence Directorate' assessment says Islamic republic is expected to entrench far from the Israeli border following IAF strikes on its assets in Syria; Hamas likely to initiate a limited offensive against Israel in the coming year.

Israel upgrading security on nuclear sites amid Iran’s threats

At IAEA conference, Israel’s atomic agency head Ze'ev Snir says 'Iran's threats prompt Israel to act in order to protect its nuclear sites;' Iran UN Amb. Gholamali Khoshrou says Israel's nuclear program must be supervised.

Secretary-General: NATO Alliance Won’t Aid Israel if Iran Attacks

"Israel is our partner," Stoltenberg told the German magazine Der Spiegel,"But she is not a member of NATO. and so 'security guarantee' doesn't apply"