UBQ Materials Turns Garbage Into Usable Materials

UBQ Materials has made a deal to make products with Motherson Group.

UBQ In Operation – from Blog post

Israeli cleantech company UBQ Materials is making waste into car parts. Yes you heard that right. The company has entered into a deal with Motherson Group, a global supplier of auto parts, to make car components from recycled waste.

Startup Nation seems to have no bounds when it comes to green tech and cleantech. Just yesterday we reported on how the Israeli startup Tipa is developing a new type of compostable packaging.

Founded in 2012, UBQ Materials says that its vision is to create a world where finite resources are reused infinitely, landfills are eliminated and the environment is preserved for future generations. The company boasts that it has created a “revolutionary” way to take ordinary household waste that cannot be recycled, and convert it into a new worldwide-patented material that can be used to make the kind of familiar products people use every day.

UBQT Material’s has developed what it says is an infinitely renewable thermoplastic resource with ever-expanding applicability. So what does this mean?

Well some day your car’s parts, the plastics in your televisions and computers, even the materials in your dinning sets and pots and pans could be made from recycled garbage. And no, this is not like separating garbage to recycle paper and plastics. ALL of the garbage will be recycled.

Imagine that sometime in the near future your garbage will no longer be taken to a dump site where it is prepared for eventual placement in a landfill. Instead, it will be taken to a factory where the garbage will be converted into some form of usable materials like plastics. Now just think about how much money governments will save in sanitation costs and how good that will be for the environment.

Now imagine someday having a home appliance which does exactly that. Just throw all of your garbage into a machine and out comes plastic wrap or something to load into your 3D printer to make yourself a new set of plastic plates.

Motherson is currently testing and evaluating the incorporation of UBQ’s tech in the production of a range of interior and exterior automobile parts. Following further trials and examinations, Motherson and UBQ state that they intend to eventually work together on the production of auto parts with UBQ tech.

“We have embarked on a very ambitious project”, says Sophie Tuviahu, VP of Business Development and Sales at UBQ Materials. “Automotive standards are demanding and we aim to be an approved raw material in a wide scope of applications in the automotive industry.”

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