Israeli Startup Tipa Develops Compostable Packaging

Clean tech firm Tipa just brought in $4 million.

Lipa Tech at Work (Promo Video Clip)

Tipa, an Israeli startup in the clean tech field, develops a new kind of packaging to replace plastic. Plastics are not biodegradable and after they are discarded will remain in landfills for, well forever. Tipa has just raised an additional $4 million in funding from food tech R&D partnership Millennium Food-Tech, bringing its total investments to date to $53 million.

Founded in 2010, Tipa has developed new biodegradable packaging solutions for the food industry. The company boasts that these unique packaging solutions degrade biologically in up to 180 days in industrial compost – compared to regular common plastic packages that degrade in dozen of years.

Garbage is a major environmental problem. Where are we going to continue to find new places to dump it all? Even biodegradable waste like food scraps are a problem because as this garbage decomposes it releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is why many places now require that such waste be recycled for things like compost.

Now think about all of the plastic that you throw out every week, from bags to packaging. Big items come in thicker plastic to protect them from damage, leaving behind even more non-biodegradable waste.

This is where a company like Lipa steps into the picture. Its tech would mean a world with minimal plastic waste.

TIPA’s 100% biodegradable films incorporate high flexibility and durability, high resistance to oxygen and water vapor permeation and transparency.

“We believe that the packaging market is going to be completely transformed and move from plastic packaging to compostable or recyclable packaging,” said Millenium CEO Chanan Schneider.

CEO Daphne Nissenbaum added: “Over recent years there is a growing outrage regarding the heavy price we are paying for using the pollutant plastic industry’s products which have increased exponentially over recent decades and are harming the environment in an irreversible manner. Tipa has developed over the years a smart packaging technology which imitates the way in which nature packages. Tipa’s packaging provides the same characteristics required from food packaging and at the same time affords a built-in solution for when it is no longer in use – with the package becoming compost within several months and turning into a clean and sustainable resource.”

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