Clashes and 12 arrested in the largest Anti-Netanyahu Protests


The Black Flag protest against Prime Minister NetanyahuThe Black Flag protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu/ source Black Flag’s FacebookMore than 6,000 demonstrators in Jerusalem called for Netanyahu’s resignation. Even after midnight, hundreds remained at the scene, and Border Police forces confronted protesters who refused to evacuate.12 demonstrators were arrested, watching the clashes. 6 right-wing activists detained for questioning: “A helmet was thrown at a demonstrator wearing a pink bandana.”Refusing to evacuate with the expiration of the permit for the demonstration at 23:00, Border Police forces began to violently evacuate the protesters. During the clashes, 12 people were arrested and detained for disturbing or attacking other demonstrators. Ynet broadcast live the demonstration and the clashes that ended.


The Black Flag protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu/ source Black Flag's Facebook
The Black Flag protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu/ source Black Flag’s Facebook

Thousands of people demonstrated last night (Friday) and tonight (Saturday) in protests demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resign.

Twelve people were arrested or detained in clashes at the end of a protest in front of Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem – half of them right-wing thugs attacking one of the protesters. A 27-years man turned up a torch, a substance suspected of being a drug and a gas spray.

According to protesters, in the Independence Garden, Jerusalem, five right-wing thugs wearing in black attacked a demonstrator. “They shouted at him ‘what are you doing in our city’, ‘flight out of our city,'” an eyewitness who called police said. “One of them slammed a helmet on his head and the other broke a bottle on his head.”

 The Black Flag protests across the country/source Black Flag’s FacebookIn Ramat Gan right-wing activist was arrested on suspicion of spraying pepper gas at participants in the black flag protest at the Aluf Sadeh interchange. At the south one was also arrested on suspicion of involvement in stabbing a demonstrator in the Eshkol Regional Council.

At its peak, more than 6,000 protesters took part in the protest, chanting, among other things, “capitalist government, the underworld,”; “it will not end until you resign,” and “Israel is our country – not Netanyahu’s.”

After midnight, many hundreds remained in the area, some concentrated in Paris Square – while police and border guards were deployed in nearby streets.

The Black Flag protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu/ source Black Flag’s Facebook by Rotem Hekman

Shortly before one o’clock after midnight the police began declaring that the protest was illegal, and shortly afterward clashes broke out between Border Police forces and some of the demonstrators.

Few of them were arrested and detained for questioning, and the forces dragged others away. Police also brought in water hoses to disperse the demonstration, which the demonstrators demanded to prevent its use. At 1:30 a.m. it began operating and spraying water jets in the Paris Square area.

Police Deputy Superintendent Shlomi Bachar, head of the Jerusalem District Operations Branch, said at the end of the demonstration that “a demonstration of thousands of people took place today at night. The demonstration was conducted on our satisfaction. The demonstrators who arrived today obeyed police instructions. 11 suspects were detained. One of them was arrested on suspicion of assault.”



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