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Sedatives, Psychiatrists, and Religion For Trump?

I saved e-mails that I sent to the New York Post. The Post has not used any of those thoughts to share with its reading public. Hillary Clinton could learn a lesson about not deleting emails?

“The most hateful people in America today are leftists” according to Michael Goodwin.

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And he makes a good comparison early in his opinion article about menacing looks that people give each other on the subway.

And it is true that the moment when the youth from Covington Catholic High School was invading a Native-American’s space could easily have made things explode as “dry tinder for a social-media bonfire.”

And Nick Sandmann was singled out as the whole world was watching him.

Then Goodwin’s social media comments are important, because there is great harm being done.

And he says that Nathan Phillips was hardly blameless.

The school backed off apologizing for what happened after seeing various videos.

Now we get to the best part. Something must be very rotten to trigger such outrage. Then he really gets into writing about Trump after mentioning the red hats.

He says that Trump is the perhaps the “common denominator” in citing that the event, according to people, might not have taken place.

Trump’s disappearance will not result in healing, he claims.

The hatred for Trump is out of proportion and people may die as things get out of control.

Trump’s accomplishments are fueling the hate, Goodwin contends.

He asks people to think about sedatives, psychiatrists, and religion to help them.

Goodwin speaks about the threat of violence due to the hateful rhetoric. And he ends with the potential violence against Trump supporters.
With threats made to the Covington Catholic School, to Nick Sandman, and others, let us not lose sight of the talk about Donald Trump.
Just hours really after we learned more about the news coming out about the “hate” and “rage” across our nation, there is more about “hate” and “rage” associated with Michael Cohen and his much-publicized announcement to testify in Congress. Cohen fears for the safety of his family and who does he fear. Trump. And it is not the red hat that Trump wears.

Do you think that Cohen should take a ride with Trump somewhere in the country? Should they get together? Do you think that either one or both of them should think about sedatives, psychiatrists, or religion as Michael Goodwin has suggested? Remember that he is a Pulitzer Prize winning author and editor of the New York Post. But wouldn’t those same suggestions to Trump validate so much of the opinions expressed by experts in medicine, politics, and many other fields that require more than a Pulitzer Prize opinion? Cohen may need religion, the type where human values are always honored, but sedatives and psychiatrists?

Wouldn’t it be hateful of Michael Goodwin to suggest those things for Trump? I may need strong medication and a psychiatrist because of all the stress that Trump has caused me. And yes I guess I hate him even though I believe I have been truthful about him. And what if those kids had just walked away (even though they had the Make America Great Again hats on) and what if Donald Trump had never run for president? Far fewer people would have learned to hate him and I would not have said that I hate him.

John Kerry has just asked Trump to resign. Why does it take so long for people to understand? What would make Michael Goodwin with his conservative views to understand?

This is what is needed here in the cities of our nation. The protests have been minor, even the ones with 5 million women. Trump needs to see this in cities everywhere. Republicans have to wake up. The people are really not talking. Trump and Maduro have to go. We need real democracy and there is no communist threat to stop US now.

And would that situation ever had taken place if Nathan Phillips was banging on his drum as The National Anthem was being played? Perhaps there was a real problem of not appreciating cultural diversity that led to some confusion? I don’t know, but questions have to be asked as part of any investigation. And what if To Life To Life La Chaim was the chosen music?

In large cities people get in your face all the time. Tourists know this worldwide. They approach with flowers in Venice to sell. In Paris, there are people up to no good who will give you back the gold ring that you dropped, but you didn’t drop. People ask for money everywhere. We have to know what to do always and often things do not work out favorably. What wrong did Mr. Phillips do that places some of the blame on him. That he was standing there playing his drum?

The New York Post could call a forum for the public just as it accepts a few opinions from its readers. Let the people speak about what is going wrong under Trump, the lying, the hateful rhetoric, the budget cuts that have hurt people, the shutdown and its massive aftermath which Lara Trump says is greater than one person. There is a lot of suffering going on and the reason is Trump. Just like it was Hitler that galvanized all of the hate that had existed for centuries in Germany.

I warned people back in 2016, but nobody listens and the New York Post could have published such warnings. Here is one item that I sent to the New York Post on January 28, 2016. A year before Trump took office.

And this was sent on June 29, 2016.

Quijote (my nickname) knows how the American people denied Jews trying to escape the Holocaust the opportunity to live instead of to die. The administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the American people share the blame. Quijote knows that there were undocumented Jews in the United States in the 1940s, but Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York and people everywhere do not share this information with other Jews and all people.
Quijote supports the right of undocumented immigrants to stay in this country and believes that good people should not be deported. We have learned “Never Again” and we should apply our knowledge to help the undocumented and not bury it under the rug. What was not given to Jews must be given to others now. Donald Trump wants to build a wall. Even President Roosevelt didn’t build a wall.

Donald Trump: One of the Most Toxic Presidents in American History

I know that undocumented immigrants have lots of rights, including the right to open a business, get a social security number, and pay taxes. Donald Trump has stated that he wants to ban all Muslims, but months later he stresses that he will ban Muslims in countries of high terrorism. It is good that he has changed his policy statement, but it took him months to change it.

At the very same time, he points out that he speaks to policy advisers (the best of course according to Trump) who do not teach him what the foreign policy should be. He tells them what it will be. In bringing up this very important point, he must have gotten a clue from somebody that his ban on all Muslims would not work, especially before the election. Also he is clearly letting down lots of Americans who cheered him or supported him at rallies or learned about his ban. So now he is not “saying” what his supporters are saying and they seem to support him which is incomprehensible to me.
There should be a backlash among Trump’s supporters coming. Roosevelt and Trump are equal here. And please remember that Germans and Jews both came to the United States after the Holocaust and these enemies lived together. There are better ways to fight terrorism that need to be explored. And remember, too, that Germany was America’s enemy as well as the enemy of the Jews and others.
And here is a piece that I sent on February 11, 2017.

Long before the Holocaust and the assignment of numbers to Jews in concentration camps, there was the Dreyfus Affair in France. That was also long before the roundup of Jews at the Velodrome d’Hiver in Paris, Jews to be deported.

Keith Cooper was assigned number 975234 and did not have his innocence recognized by Mike Pence when he was governor of Indiana, innocence demanded for not committing a crime. Alfred Dreyfus did not have his innocence recognized in a formal pardon by the government for over a decade as well. Less than a month after the appointment of a new governor in Indiana, Eric Holcomb, Cooper was pardoned. What our nation must recognize is this. Donald Trump, in my opinion, represents today what France represented during the Dreyfus Affair which was increasing hate that divided a nation and led to protests and deaths.

Even Jewish members of Trump’s family are complicit for not speaking out so that Trump could get more votes and win and that extended family includes important donors.

Captain Alfred Dreyfus and Keith Cooper were victims who waited too long to be pardoned. Mike Pence has a lot of explaining to do and so do African-Americans who have surrounded themselves with Donald Trump who have a lot to gain by the association. A recent visit by Secretary Betsy De Vos to Howard University which was arranged by Amarosa Manigault is a prime example, but we should not forget Pastor Darrell Scott and his support of Trump. All of this is reprehensible.

And here is a piece that I sent on August 5, 2017.

The Trump Puttsocracy.

In fairness to Donald Trump, the record will show that both Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama pretty much favored a system of immigration where educated people would dominate. Trump apparently has played more golf than Obama did and the NY Post exposed the Jewish divide at a Maryland country club when there it appeared that Obama was going to become a member of that club. Putts has two meanings to us. The golf meaning and putz a fool or idiot.

The immigration policy does not have to be changed. The flow of immigrants that made America Great once will Make America Great Again. We need all kinds of immigrants to fill all kinds of jobs. Trump and his supporters believe in choices and if Trump’s grandchildren decide to become migrant farm workers that will be up to them as well. In addition, if most of the new immigrants come from a few sources, there will be great hostility among Americans as always.

What is really particularly disturbing about Trump, and I wrote about this in my book which is now called Issues of Our Times, is that he has used the visa system to get jobs for people in other countries in Mar-A-Lago when those jobs could have gone to veterans that he worships so much.

I did not expect these things to be published, but the information could have been shared with readers.

And as I wrote this article, the news reported that 70 percent of Americans are against Trump’s Wall. That is okay, but my readers know that Trump is sacrificing national safety in a big way and that preceded the shutdown. He is toxicity personified.

Nick Sandmann now admits that he should have walked away from that confrontation which he exacerbated by staying there a long time. Nathan Phillips is wrong about the firing of the teachers and the escorts. People need to be trained properly and that probably was lacking. Students have to know when to approach their elders when they feel intimidated too to get out of difficult situations.



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