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A Sucker Is Born Every Minute: Trump Makes Suckers of US

If you want to stop being suckers, you must not listen to Trump and the people who support him. He is not doing a good job!


John F. Kennedy told his Deputy Secretary of Defense in 1962 the United States “had been sucked into Vietnam little by little.” And today Americans are suckers as well.

Are Democrats to blame because the wall has not been completed, contributing to “open borders?”

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There were eighty senators who voted for The Secure Fence Act of 2006 and seventeen Democrats were joined by one Republican in voting no. Among members of the House there were 95 Democratic no votes and six Republican no votes. Public polls show that more than half of Americans and as much as sixty percent oppose the building of the wall, which is in sharp contrast to the majority vote cast in 2006 or even a majority vote today. Make sure you see the video by clicking the link above.

Today many of those senators and congressmen have learned what they did not know at the time. The wall will not work well enough and the wall will be very expensive. And there are other issues.

Trump threatened to shut down the government over the wall in the summer of 2017. Now he has shut down the government which he could have done last year. One out of two threats means he is batting fifty percent, but in baseball a .500 batting average is phenomenal and his percentage of threats and actions has produced nothing, nothing but displeasure. See the end of this video about Trump in 2013.

Take a close look at the check list of things that Trump said he would do to Mexico if it did not comply. He threatened to cut off the freedom of Mexicans to send money home to families there, something hypothetically tyrannical. He has had no success! And I wish him no success!

Then we learn that Trump again is threatening to cut off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in retaliation for the caravan and future caravans. I have been telling people since around 2004 that there were undocumented Jews in the 1940s right here in the United States. But let’s analyze Trump’s threat if there is action on it.

El Salvador needs money badly. Why? For the reasons why its people keep coming here. Getting back to Mexico and the money sent home, we think of another thing to factor into money for Salvadoran families. Cutting off all that money will result in something and it will not be pro-Trump at all (more like Dump Trump fast). Conditions are guaranteed to worsen in Central America.

Would you really expect the millions of people whose economic situation will be worsening due to less money to be complacent or to just pray to God? The logical reaction would be more and more people coming to our borders. And more caravans caused by Trump with his name on each and every one.
And the wall? Even if there were a wall (and words ring out strong which are “eminent domain” something Trump never tells his base about), that wall would be obsolete and a total reconstruction of the wall would be necessary, just like having a car accident where a face becomes disfigured). Trump’s two years have actually been an accident waiting to happen with people in the back seat enjoying the ride and entertainment.

And the next president of El Salvador will inherit this mess, if and when it happens. Nayib Bukele is the leading candidate right now and he should be preparing a “white paper” to show his people what can be expected with less money. Candidates, we know, do not mind deceiving their voters and their campaign workers go along with it, because they all expect jobs that pay well for their campaign efforts. The same thing applies to the other candidates.

I know Bukele has, among other things, promised (but with no active plan) to increase teacher salaries and to reduce gang activity through things that have been tried unsuccessfully all over the United States. Oh he or some other victor will continue on the same road to nowhere. Do you see a great reduction in gang membership based on the financial constraints just spelled out? And his partisans will lie to protect him.

I have watched Bukele and I liked the fact that he did not fire workers who were appointed by the previous administration in San Salvador. That was solid. Then he had a plan to provide improvements to communities each day which is required of all in government.

I read that he was going to provide tax relief to small businesses when salaries are extremely low for workers (about $4-$8 a day). He has taken a page from the books of other politicians in Latin America including Antonio Elias Saca who wanted to give out scholarships (becas in Spanish) to students to study foreign languages. When Saca left Arena and moved over to GANA, I urged that the whole nation learn new languages and I could have given the plan needed. The people do not win (gana in Spanish) when its leaders have very limited vision of what the people can achieve.

American aid may dry up in the region. Think of Cuba and Venezuela and all the talk about communism in our hemisphere. The Soviet Union is gone, but Russia is there to pick up the challenge, or maybe China will, which was not highly probable back in the 1950s. China’s sphere of influence then included Vietnam, but today China is everywhere.

Soon we may find out what kind of money laundering has been taking place and what kind of collusion was fixed by Russians. Did I say we may?
Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador may not be the same, but they share commonalities. I have only visited El Salvador and the island of Roatan in Honduras. The people and their leaders do not know enough to weather the political storms which affect immigration.

And at the border, we see that apprehensions have dropped off significantly since 2000. Does the wall work? I would ask those men in our marines who learn how to scale walls how they would scale those walls to tell us.

The Israeli wall and some others do seem formidable, but tunnels no longer appear to present a problem. The second Caddell wall with its slats seems pretty weak to me. That wall seems easy to scale.

Check out all the reasons why apprehensions gain where there is no wall. Trump wants you to believe that the only reason is the wall. As he prepares to make living conditions worse for people in Central America, the expression “where there is a will, there is a way” applies. More people will come and more will scale the wall. Or is it where there is a wall, there’s a way over!

I thank Jewish Business News for permitting my views to come forward and I call upon other media, including 60 Minutes to pick up the story. The shutdown was not needed. Our elected officials on both sides could have shared this critical information with you instead of just telling you Trump should get the wall or Trump is not getting his wall. And people around Trump have to go now as we wait for the conclusion of the Mueller Investigation.

I would hope that the newspapers of El Salvador would have the courage to write up some of my ideas. Bukele’s campaign is called “Nuevas Ideas” or New Ideas, but his own campaign people have resisted contacting me after I made various outreaches. It may be time for the campaign to change its name to “No New Ideas.”

For your information, my business card originally was in black and white. Then to honor El Salvador for making me well known, I changed the colors to blue and white (honoring the flags of El Salvador and Israel). And even as I changed to full color business cards, I always maintained the blue color for all written information.

Breaking news in Parkland. The disturbing video of Nikolas Cruz was just released showing Cruz preparing for the massacre and warning a student to leave because something bad happened. The student ran to the football coach and told him, but no code red was issued by the coach. Andrew Pollack who lost his daughter in the shooting watched what happened and he called for the firing of the sheriff.

Am I missing something? Why is Pollack piling on the sheriff (using a football term) when it was the coach who did not take appropriate action? Aaron Feis was a hero who lost his life, but according to the report a big mistake was made. Politics! Politics! This takes us back to my article on installing “panic” buttons in our schools and finally realizing that a ladder will get immigrants over the wall. Trump is making suckers of US. Getting the police to the scene faster counts.

If you want to stop being suckers, you must not listen to Trump and the people who support him. He is not doing a good job!
John F. Kennedy and his brother, Bobby, had visited Vietnam years before Kennedy became president and he objected strongly to engaging our troops in that war. Then why the war? Johnson had other ideas.



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