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Forget Trump’s Wall: Fund Alyssa’s Law?

Alyssa’s Law, a bill that would require all New Jersey public schools to install silent panic alarms to help protect students during emergencies.

 Panic. fund Alyssa’s Law
Trump told US that ten terrorists were caught in the caravan that reached our border and there is no sight of them now. The American people are a much greater threat than the immigrants crossing the border. And Parkland is just one of those horrific massacres that have happened under Trump. This is the story of the boy in the White House who cried wolf and there ain’t no wolf.

Right now across the United States, Democrats and Republicans (and those Republicans deserve what they are getting) are largely at war, but there are great choices to save lives including trading Trump’s Wall for Alyssa’s Law which will be a five-year plan to get police to schools faster through a “panic” alarm. That is where our real battle should be, the battle for federal dollars to Make America Safe Again. Whatever it takes should be the cry to keep our schools safe (#panic buttons).

This is a defining moment for justice in America as Trump has signed the Criminal Justice Reform Act. Now we must learn that the wall can be scaled by thousands of ladders which appear to be funded or their way to be funded, making Trump’s wall one of the most expensive do-nothings in American history. It is not clear right now if the wall will be named the Trump-Limbaugh-Coulter Wall or just the TLC Wall or just The Great Wall of America. Tender Loving Care it ain’t when lives are at stake in and around our nation’s schools.

There are people on the right that are going to object to this presentation and friends of my friend Mark in Florida. Why? They just don’t think about justice and solving problems very deeply. This video of Peter, Paul, and Mary took place on the twenty-fifth anniversary of If I Had a Ladder (oops I mean Hammer). That bell of freedom and justice is not being rung loud enough in America as Trump has chosen to shut down the government over the wall that is not needed. Come to think of it Limbaugh and Coulter are not needed also.

The blame is squarely going to be put on the shoulders of liberals, progressives, and even communists. Looking back at that 25th anniversary of If I Had a Hammer, we should note the great progress that was made and that people like Pat Buchanan were stirring the pot then and that is what you still see today.

Jews, African-Americans, Hispanics, immigrants, and even Israel rang that bell of freedom during those years. Israel was defending its freedom from international attacks. And today there is another song that you have missed that I found. Whether it is “Unforgettable” or “Deplorable” that song takes us back to the warning that we sensed which was expressed by Hillary Clinton, who apologized the next day for calling out many of Trump’s supporters. You can find the “Deplorable” songs created by both sides, Trump and Hillary.

Perhaps she was wrong for apologizing, but I felt that she should not have attended the third debate as a protest. And she was right about the size of those people filled with hate as it was true when the Nazi Party came to power on the backs of nationalists in Germany.

Now we see that Trump really is largely alone as his government falls apart and two more years are left. Trump has made a deal with Erdogan in Turkey and Turkey is going after Netanyahu already in the news. So much for great diplomacy and alliances under Trump and Trump’s going with his hunches.

Where is Jared to save the day right now?

As a teacher I have had to work without a contract, but I got paid for that work. Our nation is rocked by the fact that men and women are not being paid for keeping our nation safe and that is reprehensible, especially at a time of “invasion” according to Trump. All of this does not add up, of course, under in Trump We Trust. As we know from listening to conservative talk radio, there is a great distinction between two kinds of labor, governmental and non-governmental. We have been told that government is too big for decades. Could all of this be heading to privatization of our nation’s border security and with it the lack of benefits that Americans have come to know?

In a certain sense, we should all be concerned about each other, but as you know if I go too far in describing things I will be accused of being a communist.

Trump has created the problem at the border and he has created the shutdown of our government. Pelosi and Schumer have expressed things both weakly and strongly in the past week. Now it is up to the American people to open their eyes as communists once did and overthrow Trump’s wall (Republicans and Democrats should unite to understand first that the wall is not going to stop people from taking ladders or other means of transport over the wall.

Protest to your representatives who did not explain to you the facts of this matter. Can we not unite over those “panic” buttons in schools and take our heads out of the sand?

 Trump will accept a slat fence.

The latest news is that Trump will accept a slat fence. He seems to be more flexible in his thinking and the Republican bill to fund $25 billion was just about ready to go to Congress, but we all know that Trump lost the Congress. Could it be that Trump is losing his mind and that an insanity plea will be his last defense? See what former Republican Governor Christie has to say now about Trump.

Of course, he seems flexible at this moment, but the chaos caused by Trump, those pullouts, and the resignations that attest to his problematic “corporate Trump” days in the White House have led to all of this speculation as the Mueller investigation winds down.

But what about Trump’s children? It’s ten o’clock does he know where his children are in the mess that he has made? Trump is known for bankruptcy and his style in the White House appears the same. Sorry Republicans!

I got this email from Robert Reich. Martin, as you read this message, nearly 54,000 Customs and Border Protection agents, 42,000 Coast Guard employees, 53,000 TSA agents, thousands of air traffic controllers and aviation and railroad safety inspectors, 17,000 correctional officers, 14,000 FBI agents, 4,000 Drug Enforcement Administration agents, and some 5,000 firefighters with the U.S. Forest Service are all working without pay.

I can tell you from experience—I ran the Department of Labor during the 1996 shutdown—that most of these public servants will report for duty, because they care about the missions they’re supposed to be upholding. But going without pay will strain their family budgets to the point that some, inevitably, will not be able to carry out those missions.

We absolutely cannot let Trump shut down the government to get his way. If we put up a fight, history (and MoveOn’s past success in organizing during shutdown fights) shows that we can stop him.

Thanks for reading what Robert Reich sent out to hundreds of thousands of Americans. This is a very expensive time of year for families and read what Republicans say. Reach out to the Alhadeff family in Florida to make your communities safer in 2019. And Merry Christmas!

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