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Capo di tutti or Boss of all bosses: Jail Time for Trumpee in America?

Capo di tutti or Boss of all bosses

Mel Brooks! Mel Brooks! Mel Brooks! Remember Springtime for Hitler in Germany? There is a new tune in development in our nation’s studios and it sounds just like Springtime for Hitler.

This is a must see at this time. Mrs. Kaminsky we thank you for the check and for Melvin Kaminsky, the very talented uncle of a New York State elected official. Thank you Mel Brooks!

History repeats itself and fiction becomes reality with a new tune. Corruption is rampant and swamps do not get cleared up. There is no plumbing liquid to drain the Trump Swamp (click the link and see for yourself).

With all of Donald Trump’s attempts to confuse the public about Michael Cohen, as a quick example, are we going to forget that plea bargaining is a big thing in our history. It is integral in traffic court and in criminal cases every day, but not in the case of Michael Cohen, according to Trump. Cohen, Trump says, is a liar. We need another episode or two or three or four or more of the Donald Trump video that you have just seen.

And at this point, although Trump has not been charged and he deserves the benefit of the doubt (just as many who have been arrested and released for lack of evidence in relation to the MS-13 hunt and to others including border invaders who were not charged and will not be prosecuted), but this is no joke. Trump’s children seem to be at great risk and through Donald Trump, Jr. and his tweets, comments, and appearances, Trump gets his support. Ivanka Trump has hardly commented on matters and we do not expect those two to flip on their father.

America was having trouble and it looked for a new great leader and it chose someone who could incite the people, even though the master race was not the everyday theme. There are those who knew what was coming even during the campaign, because there was a deep state of propaganda taking place as our nation became more divided in a certain way (Trump and his partisans replaced Obama and certain truths but a lot of misconceptions of Obama were propagated). Learn the tune here. Take the time to learn. Watch the video.

MAGA which has already been achieved, according to Trump, became Keep America Great (KAG), but even Trump forgets and sometimes proclaims MAGA as his theme.

With the market dropping about 800 points after a fall and a strong comeback, the economy is strong for now, but the major report may be that the bond market is showing the same kind of problem that we had in previous recessions. Perhaps it was too early to proclaim the Trump economy Triumphant?

People across America should go to a chiropractor for an adjustment and stop the propaganda that Trump will easily win reelection in 2020. There are realities to face because America is one big reality show. And it’s winter for Poland and France and for our other allies. Jail Time for Trumpee and Americans.

The amazing thing is that I do not see any plea bargain for Trump in this matter. He has lied so often. True! Who is he going to flip on? Putin? The Crown Prince? I don’t see Mueller making a deal with him because of those two. It appears that Mueller is after the capo, the capo di tutti I capi who made his final mistake. Trump appears to be going bankrupt again and he has no bankers to turn to for help.

Sean Hannity wants Americans to rally around Mike Flynn because Flynn is an American hero. So simply stated, right? How many times have I pointed out in articles in Jewish Business News to beware of the military and its impact on right-wing constituents, including the news media? But nobody listens to me. At the time of the Dreyfus Affair, there was the military acting in ways that was very harmful and it took courage to bring out the truth then. Watch Hannity here.

Mike Flynn got into the trouble and he lied. There will be more coming, almost for sure. Hannity is using the “military card” just as people use the “race card” and other cards to illogically persuade people. Flynn can fight as Dreyfus did for the truth and he can have his day with an exoneration which took Dreyfus almost a decade to achieve. Let him go through that process.
Captain Alfred Dreyfus was restored with rights and fought in World War I. Hannity may know Jewish people well, but he doesn’t seem to know or recall this important part of Jewish history.

I have never once written about the loss of family time that Dreyfus experienced and the hardships for his family. Those are givens for innocent people. A crime was committed against a Jew back then and a crime has been committed against our nation that has been dealt with and no prison sentence (due to substantial assistance which is a legal term) has been given to Flynn (and no Devil’s Island). Pardoning Flynn will not help at this point since a pardon is an admission of guilt. The generals lied against a Jew and here a general lied and was charged with federal crimes. No theatrics are needed by Sean Hannity.

In his report, Hannity cites that the F.B.I. said that Flynn did not lie and he said the same about Comey and Strozk (no lying by Flynn), but that is not the point either. Someone came forward with the evidence and it was not I and that was not addressed.
Hannity talks to Trump all the time and in Trump’s world Putin and the Crown Prince have told Trump that they didn’t do it. This is the world that Hannity is really in and he gets paid lots of money to be there. It is about Hannity’s Truth (very limited) and not a universal truth system that we are trying to improve to make America and any other place great.

The breaking news right now is that the Kremlin says that it will target American allies if the United States breaks the disarmament agreement with Russia. This may give Trump an opportunity to flex his America First position to extort money for the defense of the free world, especially as people around him are ready to privatize the next war. Here is Bloomberg News reporting today’s news which portrays Putin just like Joseph Stalin was (without the mass extermination of people). Will Trump join with Putin or has he already worked things out (long ago)? Not much “daylight” here between collision and collusion!

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