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Ukranian President Reads Jewish Business News?

I went further than Lesley Stahl did in her interview with Trump.

Putin carries Trump all the way to Ukraine

Today President Petro Poroshenko asks for Trump’s help with Putin as the tries to get Putin out of the Ukraine. Trump has said that he may have had a different thought (of action) when the Crimea was taken in 2014. Trump made the critical statement about Obama letting it happen.

Since there was appeasement back then and Trump continues to be an enormous appeaser in the classic sense with Russia, how can Trump show power against Putin now? Is there any potential beside the minor sanction moves that Trump has made? Appeasement! Appeasement! Appeasement! Trump is clearly no Churchill fighting against the appeasers in his own country. Trump is the grand appeaser!

See Jewish Business News on October 16, 2018 as I pointed out that Trump could fight for the Ukraine and do much more. Lesley Stahl did not go far enough during her interview with Trump at that time. Watch 60 Minutes and learn from it.

Trump on 60 Minutes: A Great Disaster

The Russian calls what happened “a border incident” and Putin claims that it was provoked to boost Poroshenko’s position in the election in 2019 in the Ukraine. It makes me wonder about Trump and the border incident South of the Border Down Mexico Way. In that border incident, we still have to find out the source of the funding just in case it was provoked by wealthy Republicans using the C.I.A. as cover or some other source. Pay close attention to the name of the new Russian missile which is the “Triumf” which even I would have had a hard time making up after writing dozens of articles about Trumpf or Trump (both names have been used).

At the United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has sided with the Ukraine, calling the Russian action against the Ukraine an “outrageous violation of sovereign Ukraine territory.” That comment, at the moment, does not hold any weight because this is Trump’s defining moment to take action, something that should have been discussed by his cabinet that he could have revealed to the world.

On the Ukrainian side, there are products that cannot get to their market, affecting jobs in the Ukraine and elsewhere. How this could benefit the United States remains a matter that is unclear to me except that based on what has taken place at the American border, the use of Russian ships to block Ukranian ships at sea and hold them seems like a real invasion to me and the Mexican problem is a border incident where people are being denied asylum protection under international law and not the other way around.

Trump has talked about cancelling his meeting with Putin and by now it must appear to the world as “too little too late” as Putin makes declarations without any evidence at this time. The world is tired of hearing that Putin or the Crown Prince told Trump that they did nothing and he accepts it.

European nations appear to be thinking of sanctions already against Russia. Germany, Austria, Poland, and Estonia have been mentioned. Where is the United States?

As I waited for more news of the border “invasion” and I searched out news, there was Geraldo Rivera of Fox News condemning this country’s malicious actions against the immigrants in the caravan and the use of tear gas (which is not a violation of international law it seems as it was done on American territory, but reprehensible anyway).

Then that this followed this morning as USA Today reported that policies that were known months ago contributed to the attack on the immigrants and the worsening of conditions for the immigrants in Tijuana. The tale of two incidents and the people arrested at the Mexican border will not be charged. When will Trump’s base wake up to the reality of rule by law and not by In Trump We Trust. He is just a golden shower calf that has even been worshipped by some in Israel.

Then there is Trump cancelling and then telling the press that he may have the meeting. This is Trump at his best talking out of both sides of his mouth. He told the press that he decided to cancel after finding out that the ships were not returned, but at first the problem was the aggression that he did not like. A memory loss?

Seriously I can see the impeachment of Donald Trump and his replacement Mike Pence granting, pardon me, permission for Trump to walk around the White House grounds every day of the week where he can talk to the press or to himself about the things that are so important to him including: Michael Cohen, collusion, Comey, Sessions recusal, obstruction of justice, emoluments concerning his financial interests around the world, money laundering, Russians and the election campaign, his great relationships with strong dictators and leaders of the free world, Story Daniels, and finally whatever he wants to talk about to keep himself out of jail. Trump thinks he will go back to New York after he leaves office. Yes if New York becomes part of Russia.

Even though it is not clear what Trump will be doing about the Russian attack and seizure of Ukranian ships, he could do what he does best, it seems, and pick up the phone to call Putin to ask Putin to call the whole thing off so we can finally have peace.



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