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Trump on 60 Minutes: A Great Disaster

President Donald Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview confirms downfall of America

60 Minutes Donald Trump

Donald Trump told people during the campaign that he had a quality of leadership for a great nation with a great military past and that was that he knew more than the generals. That was two years ago and I found out just what that meant by watching the interview with Lesley Stahl. That quality, it turns out, if that he is fair. Being fair is that quality. Revealing, but revealed two years too late.

Before we go further, here is some essential Donald Trump to remember. The Obama birther issue which was disproved, but Trump capitalized on (and Obama was not even a foreign president at the time) Trump’s “Pocahontas” or Elizabeth Warren who just won a million bet which now she has to collect from Trump as she proved by a DNA test that she has Native-American ancestry, and then the third strike is within this article about Mueller and collusion or obstruction of justice. And you know that when there are three strikes in baseball, you are out. If you remember “where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you” and think about what Trump needed in his interview with CBS, he probably needed Kanye West to support him. No Joe DiMaggio for Trump!

Also President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi who made a deal with Trump to secure the release of a charity worker, a US citizen, must be concerned since Trump owes him something for the favor. ”Donald, I’m worried about this investigation. Are you going to be around? Suppose I need a favor” the Egyptian asked according to Bob Woodward’s source. Elizabeth Warren had better act and act fast to collect her winnings if the bet is important to her.

He gets along with Kim, he gets along with Putin, and he gets along with Saudi Arabia, the country that even his base credits with giving the US 9-11.

There was Donald Trump in 60 Minutes, out of place and with the best recall for what? It really is hard where to begin this tale of American politics.

Lesley Stahl asked about Putin and things turned to the Ukraine. With a slight innuendo, Trump put the loss of part of the Ukraine on Obama, but we know that it is Trump that has the great relationship with Putin and Trump could have fought for the Ukraine, at least politically. Instead he cites the that he gave the Ukraine offensive weapons and tank killers to show he is supportive, but we know already that his primary purpose, which he keeps repeating, is to create jobs for American workers in those plants that make the weapons. Very deceitful? Why can’t Trump put pressure on Putin? This is the man who seeks to make deals. Or so he says. Trump was more intent on talking about China concerning election meddling than about Russia.

Then there is the collusion piece or worse if that’s possible. He can say that there was no collusion and that he did not know about or cannot recall it, but in Bob Woodward’s book FEAR Americans can learn that Mueller wants to find out the underlying aspect of what happened so that he can move forward with charges or not. In a conversation with Trump’s lawyer, Woodward writes “I want to see if there was corrupt intent,” Mueller said again. This is the way that the F.B.I. works and Mueller’s investigation has the same standard. You did not see this in the Stahl interview and you might not read it in most reports of the Trump-Sawyer interview. Based on this information, you can see why Trump would not make a pledge to Lesley Stahl about not firing Mueller.

The Khashoggi problem led to what will Trump do about Saudi Arabia and possible sanctions and there he was much more intent on selling arms to Saudi Arabia to keep American jobs. He did not elaborate on other ways to punish Saudi Arabia once the investigation has been completed. And he would not give up any jobs, he told Stahlto join with Europe in the war on climate.

Actually, jobs may be lost and recovered just as they were when Detroit lost automobile jobs and the South got the jobs. Even his visit today to Florida and Georgia after Hurricane Michael devastated the region is late. I predict that support for the people or We The People will be lacking to many of those people as we remember Puerto Rico and those affected by Harvey and Maria.
North Korea was “a great achievement” according to Trump because under Obama we were heading toward war. In Woodward’s book, the White House was upset with Trump’s aggressive rhetoric which was pushing Korea closer to war with US. So what we learn is that Trump was not being listened to and his “fire and fury” remark was unrealistic even in war. But he is taking the credit because the general-public does not know these things.

Trump told Stahl that the economy is bringing Americans together when she mentioned divisions in America and Trump mentioned that there were divisions under Obama (which of course there were). He blamed Democratic senators for behaving badly during the Kavanaugh hearing and he explained how good he was in relation to Christine Blasey Ford, being fair and mimicking her to get more support for his party at his rallies. Entertainment is one thing and getting support is enough. It was bad entertainment and we shall see how the mid-terms are. He made the point that Ford could not remember dates and times, but he is going through the same thing as his own White House staff prepares him for the main event (Mueller and his questions and follow up questions). And we don’t serious Americans do not have to mimic Trump to get and keep the attention of his partisans.

Read FEAR to find out more. Even the small amount that I have just shared with you was not covered by Lesley Stahl in her interview.

Europe, Trump says, treats us worst of all, not paying enough for NATO which he has learned to support (from White House staff) and which out trades us. Keep in mind that as the dollar is weak, the world buys more from us, something that he will never mention to US. And as the dollar is strong, other countries will buy less. On a trip to France in 1983-84, the first trip I got 8 francs for my dollar and then on my next trip only 6 francs and I was upset that it cost me much more. Don’t be deceived by the Don’T.

With the mid-term elections coming up, Trump told Lesley Stahl that he has weapons to deal with China on trade. The 25 percent tariff increase on steel, etc. is just one aspect and there is no price increase right now, he says. Does that mean that the tariff is being absorbed by American businessmen who will not pass the increase on to the consumer? Do we have a new form of communism in place or just another magnificent Trump lie? He would not want you to see that your tax refund will equal all the other price increases that you started to experience earlier this year and will continue to experience (maybe not at Christmas time when huge amounts of money are made, but probably after the New Year). All of his economic advisers disagreed with him except one and he did it to create jobs in steel, aluminum, etc.

Separating children was brought up by Stahl as a possible regret for Trump and he said no to that. You see, according to Trump, that if you don’t separate the children from their parents more and more immigrants will come pouring in.

And at the same time, Trump pointed out that our booming economy will attract more immigrants. Of course he is giving himself credit for that in advance. Yes, when Latin Americans see a vibrant American economy they come here and various presidents contributed to that migration and never took credit for it. He blamed Obama for the separation, but Lesley Stahl countered with but Obama never implemented the policy and you did. That did not stop Trump as he later repeated that #Obama did it too.

There was no mention of the wall and its cost. Now there is a bill coming out by Republican Kevin McCarthy of California and the tax payers will be paying over $23 for a wall that will become a playground for immigrants. I write about the Mexican Steps that can be inflatable steps to get people over the wall, just like there are other inflatable toys for children, but seriously there is technology (things that fly over anything) today that can take people over the wall. If the wall is built, it will surely be remembered the way that Donald Trump and others view the fiasco called the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It would be best not to get involved in the wall at all and the American people must be the Joshuas that cause the idea of the wall to come tumbling down. In fact, if you think about the cost sharing for the wall, California and New York will probably end up paying 15-20 percent for the wall and the other states would not be paying their fair share. Please tell that to Kevin McCarthy!



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