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School Districts All Over America Reveal Great Incompetence

60 students from P.S. 175 learn about saving lives during a fire with Mariano Rivera. I learned something and I am not in the city. Even the CBS television crew did not realize that the message could be mass distributed after the fact of its presentation.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is also implicated. New York City’s schools could have started on a much better path. Brentwood schools in the heartland of MS-13 could have started as well. And there are many more, but nobody listens to me.
CBS Evening News just did a story about children learning to escape fires and they brought in the New York Yankees famous fireman to be a great help. Mariano Rivera perhaps the greatest fireman in baseball history spoke to the children who are New York City School children. See for yourself CBS Evening News.


This important story about keeping people alive during fires could be shared by the New York City Department of Education with every school in New York City and the governor of New York could do the same with school districts across the state. All lessons could be shared on a school Facebook something that I shared with Mark Zuckerberg in 2016. Nobody listens to me. I have enclosed the proof of sending the letter registered mail to Zuckerberg. Would someone start listening to me?

Students can achieve more when there is much better interaction between the home and the school as things that students get wrong are corrected and students go higher up the ladder of success. When I wrote about students being protected in a park where the MS-13 had left four bodies and I pointed out the flaw in the protection and sent it to local superintendents, nobody contacted me. Here it is again in Jewish Business News. See the photo of the park and read about it.

Here is something else that the teacher on the train told me that I did not write about in my last article. He held up his telephone and said that students are more entertained in school by the phone than by the teacher. Kanye West said pretty much the same thing in his speech with Donald Trump, but what the teacher told me is that schools must find a way of taking away the phone during the day. He used the example that a small school with 120 students accomplishes that, but a school like his with 1,000 students has not figured it out yet and this is very problematic.

Watch the video. This should be a lesson to Governor Cuomo as well since he has actually blamed teachers for poor student performance on tests for many years. I wrote to tell him and others that the Fifty Percent Cent Compromise that he established was no better than the Three-Fifths Compromise that was about slavery and representation in Congress. Nobody listens to me. I wrote that Zero Percent of a teacher’s rating should be student test results.

Blog/ Trump’s Speech in Nashville Reveals American Stupidity: Lacking in Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Kanye West brought up the Thirteenth Amendment Again in his meeting with Donald Trump, a meeting that was panned by news media because he should have spent his time reaching out about the disastrous hurricane and loss of life and property in Florida and Georgia and speaking out about the Saudis and the death of a reporter.

His reaction on that concerning the loss of jobs that go along with lost arm sales to Saudi Arabia (urged by members of Congress) give credence to the comments made in Bob Woodward’s book FEAR.

Prisons can have a moratorium on forced labor of incarcerated people which is part of the Thirteenth Amendment, but Kanye West has not recognized that we still have forced slavery in the United States. There are examples of people enslaving their own countryman in Manhattan and other places. The Amendment must stand no matter if West and Trump agree.

Trump called it “very impressive” and Kanye West repeats some of the things that Trump believes and his advisers in the White House dispute. Do you see factories all over the United States popping up since Trump took office? The experts know we have evolved into a service provider, things from other countries cost the consumer much less, and the United States is better off. And do you see any help that Trump has given to Chicago in his term in office?

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