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Blog/ Trump’s Speech in Nashville Reveals American Stupidity: Lacking in Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Superman has not arrived yet in my community since Sessions and Trump have spoken out about MS-13. Trump is no strong man in fact he is very weak. Take a close look!

Clayton and Lowell, where the four bodies of victims were found, bodies that were mutilated by members of the MS-13.

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Police Commissioner (former) Tim Sini told a large audience in the Central Islip community where Lisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas (their parents attended the State of the Union Address this year) were killed that he knows that someone in the large meeting room knows who the killers were. And he said this before Trump and Sessions got involved. I was there. It appeared that the police were on the road to solving the case.

Our so-called illegal immigrants have joined the United States Army and served our nation well, started business and paid taxes and social security, received workers’ compensation when hurt in industrial accidents, gone to college and paid in-state tuition, had their immigration status changed, taken the GED test, paid rent to our neighbors and friends, helped America’s economy while taking care of their own families in their countries of origin, and much more. These are not loop holds in the US Constitution. They are an integral part of that Constitution and they are rights.
Donald Trump speaks in Nashville and gives the people nothing there. Tennessee needs lots of help.

The so-called infiltration of the Trump campaign is not infiltration at all (please see Jewish Business News article Moscow on Fifth Avenue).
Experts tell us that Trump is emboldening MS-13 by his statements.

the park where ms 13 left 4 bodies that trump talks about photo Martin Danenberg 1

I parked my car in the park to take this photo and others. To my surprise, there were school children playing in the park, children accompanied by staff members of their school. I took the time to walk over and ask if I could take photos. The staff members were wonderful to be with. These students were playing and making a statement about MS-13 in our community.

At a White House briefing this week, a student, Benje Choucroun, asked “specifically” what the White House has been doing to prevent future school shootings. Sarah Huckebee Sanders only spoke about the general things that are going on and not providing any specifics. I assume the youth wanted specifics. I later learned that there should be a report coming from Secretary De Vos and the Commission at the end of the year. We need credible answers now to protect students in September when school starts up again. On Good Morning America this youngster expressed the worry that he and his classmates feel about being the next school to have a shooting.

A couple of days before I had a brief conversation with a resident of the community who lives close, very close to the park and the scene of that horrific crime. The conversation started as he told me a wonderful golf story that happened in England back in a more aristocratic time when golf was not for common folk (it is an expensive game). Well a commoner ended up winning the British Open back then.

What was great news to me that I shared with the man was about the African who scaled an apartment building in Paris where he saved a child’s life, a child who was dangling from the balcony rail. That man was immediately granted citizenship after being in France for two months. If we can say thank you to a man with a gun who saves our life, we should be able to say thank you to that man and millions of others who appear to be illegal, but are not illegal. More to follow!

MS-13 is Trump’s masterpiece. This is a masterpiece of deception that must be exposed. It can be exposed in my community or in Nashville, Tennessee where Trump just spoke at his rally. This was not America’s rally at all. He spoke before a partisan crowd of Republicans where he called America stupid, which he has a right to do. But don’t we have a right to know the truth?

Within minutes after starting that conversation with the man in my community, this is my take on it. I accepted things that he told me about himself such as being a Spanish teacher, opening up his son’s eyes on a trip to Costa Rica a long time ago, and people getting along well where he lives (Puerto Rican, African-American, and Caucasian).

When I spoke about my work, he called me a name dropper each time. In other words he could not accept who I am. He also told me that he loves the fact that President Trump just came to Long Island and he wants the president to finish the job of decimating MS-13 before Trump goes on to fight crime elsewhere. My point of view was that the president should have been in Texas with the community around Santa Fe High School where ten people were killed. He also offered the thought that drugs are destroying our nation and our youth. This was one of the key topics spoken by Donald Trump in Nashville in his campaign to get reelected. I also told the man that Trump was using MS-13 as a human shield to hide behind (see Jewish Business News Trump Hides Behind MS-13 [His Human Shield] As Our Nation Demands Action).

Blog/ Trump Hides Behind MS-13 (His Human Shield) As Our Nation Demands Action

About nine years ago, I got to George Mason University in Virginia a day before Barack Obama arrived to speak, but I could not stay. A local woman told me that people were doing drugs all over that region and I had heard similar reports about the West from a family member.

And the story does not end with that man. A friend left New York to retire in Tennessee close to Nashville. That person left New York to be in a place that had conservative values. This person had seen a lot as a police officer in New York City. In one of our conversations I was told that the nightly news in Tennessee closely resembled New York City news about the Bronx, which was the most impoverished borough in our nation and full of violence. My friend just moved to another area of Tennessee.

Now it is time to look at the improvised talk of Donald Trump. He loves Tennessee, the great state of Tennessee. He told the world that half of the people in his audience must be contractors, telling the people he could smell out a contractor. I could never be influenced by his comments.
Here are some bullet points to make this go more quickly.

There were fake news people covering the event in the back. Lots of them.

He praised Lou Barletta, former mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania where Barletta forced out some undocumented immigrants about a decade ago when he was mayor. And things that Barletta did were ruled unconstitutional. Landlords would have been fined and business licenses revoked under Barletta. Barletta has appeared at one rally at least with Mark Anderson of the American Free Press who is a Holocaust denier, according to Wikipedia. Trump asked Barletta to run for the Senate.

He spoke about 8 people being killed by an immigrant who rammed them with a car. That happened when Trump was president.
He spoke about getting the opioid addiction down, something that I see no evidence for.

And he claims that the world leaders respect the United State more now. He must be referring to Guatemala, Honduras, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Togo and Palau, the countries that supported the movement of the United States embassy to Israel. Even now there is breaking news that Canada has issued tariffs against Trump’s tariff plans.

Trump spoke about Obama Care which on March 3, 2016 he allegedly already had a replacement for, but over two years later in his speech in Nashville, he said that he had intelligent people working on it. With no real replacement on the table, why was there a vote for it. The criticism of Senator John McCain is unwarranted and keep in mind that except for the senator the rest of the party went along with it. Two years and his promise of repeal and replace Obama Care on day one has not taken place. How about giving him twelve more years?

Wages are going up. We know that the effort to increase wages has been going on for years and the $15 minimum wage is winning out in many places. During the campaign of 2016 Trump said that wages were too low and too high.

Trump criticized Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for not being interested in taking care of criminals (and not taking care of people in his audience) and he belittled Philip Bredesen and made Marsha Blackburn sound like the greatest candidate in the country.

Black and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest that it has been. Trump spoke about the jobs he has created (3.3 million) which close to the number created in the 18 month (3.9 million under Obama) period before Trump’s election. Plus Trump campaigned telling Americans that he would create 25 million jobs. Even my friend who moved to Tennessee mentioned the building of hotels there that required years of planning before construction takes place. In addition there were two periods in the Obama Administration in 2012-2013 and 2014-2015 where the drop in unemployment was 2.1 percent and Trump in a one year period only had a 1.3 percent drop in a booming economy. And of course 2.1 percent of a greater number means that there were substantially more people affected than 1.3 percent of a smaller number, taking into account that unemployment had dropped from 16.8 percent resulting from the recession that started under George W. Bush to 7.8 percent in January 2017 when Trump over.

Would you buy a used Ford F-150 or any other vehicle from Trump? You’d better check under the hood.

The entire park at Clayton and Lowell, where the four bodies of victims were found, bodies that were mutilated by members of the MS-13 Photo Martin Danenberg

He spoke about people waving in my community as if they had been liberated from MS-13 by ICE. Let’s get back to those children in the park in my community. I was closer to the children and staff members in the park as I took the panoramic photo than a school security guard was who was sitting in his car in the parking lot (assigned by the school superintendent). And it was clear to everyone that I am not a member of MS-13. But use your imagination based on other school shootings. What could have happened very quickly in that park? How would the students of Parkland or Santa Fe react? How would the community react?

I think that a president or someone holding a cabinet position should come into a city or state and offer things to the people there. A police officer in Tennessee has just been killed, among other things in Tennessee. There was the Nashville Waffle House shooting recently and no mention of that by Trump. He talked about high taxes and high crime in California instead.

Years ago when Mark Warner of Virginia gave up being governor and campaigned for the United States Senate (which he won), I looked at the information on his campaign site. I had prior knowledge of one aspect of his work. NASCAR helped the governor promote the GED test. As soon as I contacted the campaign office, the post about the success was taken down. You see Virginia came in 35th in improvement in the nation and Virginia got much of that initiative from Tennessee which had similar results. You will not get any fake news from me, but it really is easy to make up fake news.

American stupidity has increased. Superman may not be on the way to help, but we Americans can do much more by spreading this message to others in both parties.



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