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Wishing and Groping in America: Big News From a Montana Conservative

Mother in Montana says live on TV: Groping is 'no big deal'

Grope-A-Dope came into existence thinking about Muhammad Ali and his famous Rope-A-Dope which I wish he had never used in the ring. He should have moving around and winning on points. What a difference one letter makes?

When I decided to take action writing or posting about Donald Trump, one of my first posts was called Grope-A-Dope which appears on my FACEBOOK and my first post was December 2016. I sort of abandoned that idea, but I was hoping to see much more action more quickly about the allegations against Trump, particularly considering that he was the one who told audience not to vote for a candidate (Hillary Clinton) who was guaranteed to be in court defending herself for a long time as president. The process has taken too long for me and much of the nation.

A parent in Montana with her two children by her side defends Kavanaugh and points to liberals who wish to keep him from the Supreme Court. The news posts that I read seemed more concerned about the woman’s groping comment.

My Best Friend’s Wedding just got torpedoed in Bozeman, Montana. Wishing and Hoping to find a husband is now Wishing and Groping to save Brett Kavanaugh. This is the Age of Trump.

As we pay most attention to the hearings in Washington, D.C., there is a report that Trump says that soybean prices are high when in fact they are very low. James Comey tells us in his book that there were times when he lied, but lying under oath to avoid criminal prosecution is a crime and so is groping. the parent is advocating something that could put people in prison and even open them up to civil charges.

In addition, if I remember clearly from being a youth in a community back in the 1960s, boys talked openly about girls that were “easy” and those girls developed bad reputations that cause emotional scars. Is that what conservatism is all about? It surely is not the so-called “Age of Aquarius” or Hippy movement. That was more about adults and their life decisions. It would be nice to know if the woman is an evangelical or if evangelism by accepting Donald Trump knowing how he really is changing course to instill groping into the church along with being anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage.

Has the media pointed out very critical things about groping, looking at, and whistling at White women in some parts of America? Racism in America could easily be quantified by the question about being groped by a Black male. Of course, we should take into account people who have been groped by Black men and dated them or married them, etc. Leave the Kardashians out of it! And don’t read this the wrong way. Let’s just have an unbiased kind of polling. And let the biases and prejudices reveal themselves.
I would ask the reporter or reporters who released the Groping story to go back to that woman to find out more about her.

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