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The Trump Wall May Never Come Tumbling Down: It Makes No Cents.

Donald Trump`s Wall / Mexican Border
Yes, the wall makes no sense (dollars and cents).

The Trump Wall could be called a great hoax today. He took office on January 20, 2017, and he has been blaming Democrats since for not building the wall. He tied the wall to immigration reform which much of the Republican Party wanted. He could still veto any immigration bill since that is his power. Now we can take a look at what you really should know.

Israel has a wall (fence) separating Palestinians from Israelis and they have this wall to help save lives. There is an undeclared war going on there. We, along our border, have no such war taking place. What we have is a huge amount of border crossings.

The Israelis have developed technology to help them in relation to that barrier. Those of us who have followed the fence and tunnels built under the fence now know that Israel has technology to detect tunnels. That also means that the United States (we) has access to that technology and that technology will be used to help us where there is currently a wall, a sliver of wall or more.
I hope that you now understand some things about Trump’s Wall. Getting to the rest of the wall reveals something that I have shared with readers of Jewish Business News on various occasions. And there are various ways to write about the wall. Since I have nothing to do with construction, I have to leave that up to builders and engineers.

BLOG/ Breitbart Fake News: The Wall and Fences Need America’s Attention Now

Trump’s Wall is an anti-immigrant, anti-Democratic Party phenomenon (and there are other parties that do not want the wall as well). But why haven’t Republicans voted for it as a separate issue and gotten it passed? It could be that they know what I know, but do not want to tell the supporters of Trump’s Wall. They know that any group of children could set up steps on the Mexican side, climb up to the top, release a slide the way that aircraft will release a slide so passengers can quickly get out of a plane and get away from the danger or problem. I first named this concept Chichen Itza which is the Mexican pyramid with a wall and steps on two sides. You walk up and you walk down.

I knew that an inflatable combination of steps and slides would be ideal and since that combo is inflatable it becomes mobile or it can be moved from place to place.

We have two options to think hard about. If Trump is really smart or if the Republicans know what I know, then the wall will be a waste of effort and close to $20 billion of tax payer monies. It is over a year and a half since Trump took office. Right?

But Trump keeps bringing up the wall. Right? We know that Trump makes things up and lies a lot and could that be what Trump is doing with his supporters? It does sound alien to us, but it really could be that he has been firing up his base over nothing that will ever exist. Is that right? Would you want me to fire you up telling you that you are going to pay zero tax and that is not the truth? I would hope not. That would be a hoax as well.

In addition, if Trump actually gets the money for the wall and builds it, wouldn’t that mean that any part of the $20 billion would be available for the veterans, as one good example. The minority in Congress is now proposing that much more money be spent to help veterans than Trump has proposed. Is that bad for America?

Aren’t there other ways that $20 billion could be divided up to help? Police (more police), more judges, raises for federal employees that have been mistreated by Trump since he took office, more F.B.I. agents (a team of F.B.I. agents just found Dorothy’s slippers from the Wizard of Oz worn by Judy Garland), and have you thought about the cost for all the mistakes that Trump has made that will probably force him out of office (something that we the people will have to pay for and that will be expensive).

Republicans must know that it will be a waste of money, but do not wish to share that fact with you because Trump is using his supporters just like he uses everyone else.

Mike Pence has recently announced that he would be willing to take a lie detector test to prove that he did not leak about things going on in the White House. Honestly, I do not know if Trump is really fighting for the wall or pretending. Segregating the passage of wall legislation from immigration reform would surely convince me, but Trump insists on having his wall. The lie detector test is needed and not the lie detector used on Roy Moore by Sacha Baron Cohen. This is no time for comedy with about $20 billion at stake.

In the absence of a lie detector test taken by Donald Trump, the American people have to decide based on the information provided here. This is a moment in our lives where we have new facts that are important and the people must speak out everywhere about those facts.



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