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Fake News and Once More in One Nation Under Trump

Fake News Undermining Americans for Decades and Once More in One Nation Under Trump

Fake News Undermining Americans for Decades and Once More in One Nation Under Trump

Do you even recall that the attack in the Gulf of Tonkin was fake news leading us into the War in Vietnam? President Lyndon B. Johnson, a rather conservative Democrat from Texas.

Do you recall “I am not a crook” and eventually Richard Nixon resigned and was pardoned?

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. George W. Bush finally gave up looking for them at a great cost to Americans.
“I did not have sex with that woman” which applies to Monica Lewinsky and Stormy Daniels. Okay, Trump said that he didn’t even know the woman and then the first photograph of them together came out.

Today’s news features Donald Trump telling Americans, after dictating the coverup story of the Trump Tower meeting where his son allegedly met a Russian woman, Natalia Veselnitskaya, and others to talk about “adoptions.” And now Trump is defending his son for having the meeting.
And we can go on and on and on about this administration. We were told by Donald Trump that if Hillary got elected that there would be a long investigation of her that would hamper her administration and now lock her up seems to be lock him up instead (October 31, 2016 in Michigan telling people that “She’s very likely to be under investigation for a very, very long time to come.” The “constitutional crisis” that he spoke about that day is here and it is not going away.

Yes the Mueller Investigation has been too long and now Trump is trying to undo all the lies or fake news as fast as he can. Yes Trump is in deep trouble in the legal swamp of his own making. No more needs to be said for now.

Guernica was the subject of fake news in the 1030s. A reporter named Virginia Cowles who had reported on the Spanish-Civil War on the Republic side previously was given an escort, a Spaniard named Ignacio Rosalles who spoke English. The man was a “true believer” in Franco and what he had to offer Spain as Franco fought the new Republican government for power. See my previous articles about Trump and Franco and Lessons From the Spanish Civil War in Jewish Business News.

Blog/ Lessons From the Spanish Civil War: A Higher Loyalty Is Badly Needed

Rosalles assured Cowles that it was the Republicans who in retreat burned down the city of Guernica. Cowles interviewed an old man whose apartment had been blown away the way that bombs destroy an apartment building and in front of Cowles and Rosalles, the man explained that there were four hours of planes (German and Italian) and the bombardment destroyed everything. As the two visitors walked away from the old man, Rosalles said that the old man was a “Red” or Republican.

Rosalles soon was astonished in the presence of an officer who told him that “We bombed it and bombed it and bombed it, and bueno, why not?” Rosalles turned to Cowles and said, “I don’t think that I would write about that if I were you.” And there was fake news about battles and other things that did not even take place.

In Nationalist Spain the reporters could not mention German and Italian soldiers, executions of the Republican soldiers and sympathizers. Jewish journalists (even if the names were Jewish) were even more scrutinized. Leaking important news is always important (with the occasional exception of top secrets). Journalists were also expelled and that has become commonplace in our nation at this time.

While the war went on and the Nationalists were executing people in towns that they overtook and German and Italian flags, swastika banners, and posters of Hitler and Mussolini were everywhere in captured towns. Back home there was something going on that was truly amazing to coin the term used most often by Trump. Eleanor Roosevelt had given her name to an event to raise money for milk for Spanish children who were suffering. Great diplomacy brings great results? I wonder if the milk spoiled.

Fake news, according to the White House is now “bad information” which before was called “alternative facts.” Even in the worst of times under a Spanish dictator named Franco, men could admit that a bombing was a bombing was a bombing and not a fire caused by the opposition party and this was done immediately. Trump has nothing to be proud of and our nation will suffer for decades if things do not straighten out tomorrow. It has taken the Trump people almost two years to clear the air on this issue and it is unacceptable to a free people.

Our free press just reported on the jobs growth that is taking place. Unfortunately for Trump territories the growth has largely passed them by and his base is not even rattled yet. The loss of jobs in counties also shows that a 35.4 percent “shedding” has taken place in place in Trump counties and only 19.2 percent has been shed in Clinton counties. The finger must be pointed at Trump who misled the people, including making them think that unemployment in 2016 could be 50 percent. Now that it is around 4 percent people are applauding a slight improvement in unemployment. In May of 2016 the unemployment rate was 4.7 percent which was before the presidential debates of 2016. And before Trump even took office there were reports that the unemployment rate could drop below 4.5 percent in 2017. Trump has delivered very little, but we are glad for what our free press is telling us.

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