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BLOG / The Fire and Fury President: Part IV

“Russia if you are listening, I hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Donald Trump announced to the world on July 27, 2016.  And he told the world that he doesn’t even know Putin.  Donald Trump often reveals himself impromptu and depending on the statement made and backed up by evidence, this could easily convince a jury of his peers that he had something to do with the Russians in this important matter.  I wonder who in our nation would be delighted to hear that Donald Trump was hacking or attempting to hack someone’s email, including yours.
Today Trump tweeted that he was thinking of vetoing the Omnibus spending bill and demanded that action be taken on DACA and the wall.  He talked about his signing the bill later and made it sound that his effort to fund the wall was still a great success.  Let’s keep the facts straight.  The students protected by DACA obtained that protection from President Barack Obama and not from the Democrats.  It was Trump who unprotected those youth and passed the ball to the Congress.  He blames the lack of action on the Democrats.  Isn’t it funny that you do not see the DACA students rushing to Trump’s support?  The entire scenario was poorly conceived by Trump.  Those students or at least most of them know that Trump unprotected their parents. 
I just got done writing an article about the Holocaust and unprotecting Jews would have clearly been a red flag to me.  From start to finish, Trump keeps revealing just how weak he is and most of the Republicans accept it.  There is nothing right or righteous about what Trump is doing.  This is a president that could not risk the shutting down of the government since his low popularity rating is not helpful to him.
Trump has had a bad week.  There were resignations or firings again.  The student march will take place and parents correctly asked before where is Trump?   Never mind those Trump supporters who probably will get lost in the new movement.  The Stock Market shook as Trump announced tariffs that radio commentators say that Wall Street did not like. There are more sexual affairs coming forward with more intensity.  I would not be surprised if there is a Russian woman involved that will make the most news of all. 
There is talk that Putin has something on him.  But in today’s news, it appears that there is disc that may contain evidence of Trump’s Affair with Stormy Daniels. Then there is the report that the Prince of Saudi Arabia says that he has Jared Kushner in his pocket.  And Trump quickly backed off the veto.  In addition, Jared Kushner is under investigation for committing real estate fraud in New York.  The Trump brand must be going down now as things come to an end.  What do so many people seem to have on Donald Trump?
He is clearly destroying the Republican Party which has taken hits in counties that overwhelmingly went for Trump previously.  There is a joke that I learned years ago about a new born litter of cats in Russia.  Once the kittens opened their eyes, someone remarked that they are no longer communists. 
The Republicans must put up with Trump because of the nature of our constitution.  He was elected for four years and there will be no change in government unless something drastic happens.  People are opening their eyes and minds.  All it would take right now is for the Stock Market to collapse and people won’t even think about the Tax Reform when that happens.  Trump needed a big success right now, showing his ability to make the deal that he keeps mentioning.  The deal maker went bankrupt again as the November elections approach quickly.
In his interview with the press today, he provided precise numbers for military improvements including ships and planes, but he passed over telling people that the spending bill gave him 33 miles of fence and I cannot report here yet if that is a wall.  It might be better to state that he got 33 miles of Pence Fence than talk about a Trump Wall, the greatest wall on earth.  Today in a town with an amazing wall in France, Carcassonne, three people were killed by a jihadist.  Trump has sent condolences to wrong mass shooting, sent his “warmest” condolences, but today it has not been reported that he sent his condolences to the people of France.  It appears to me that Trump is overwhelmed at this point. 
The Dow Jones just went down another 425 points today, making it a drop of 1,100 in the last two weeks.  Trump appears to be shooting his economic success in the foot with those tariffs.  And I’ll bet he has a lot of investors very upset.
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