Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2018

Tips to make money from blogging

By Contributing Author

If you want to start a blog and be sure that you’ll make money out of that, you need to understand that the right set up can do a lot for you to achieve your goal. If you are confused, the following points should help you and get rid of complications and give you a head start the moment your blog goes live.


1. Choose the right domain name

Getting a good domain name is the first step towards making money from your blogs. It is not difficult because there are many options available and choosing one that is perfect for your blog can do wonders for you. So, begin your search and don’t stop till the time you are sure that the domain name selected by you is the best possible name for your blog.


2. Theme and web hosting solution

Selecting the right theme for your blog is important. It doesn’t matter whether you are setting up your blog on WordPress or any other total, what matters is whether the theme is good enough for your blog or not. In some cases, you might get a package deal and if you are planning to opt for a web hosting solution in the package, make sure that you choose one that is reliable and not expensive. The amount you are shelling out for the hosting plan should be analyzed by advantages you’ll get out of it. However, if it is your first blog, look for a cheap web hosting solution because you can upgrade your plan at any given point in time. Understand that upgrading your hosting plan is as easy so you need to choose the cheapest available option.


3. Regularity

Posting once a month will not help you make money. If money is a Priority, you should make sure that you post at least once a day to feed your followers with something they can think about. With this being said, you need to be sure that you are not just dumping posts on your blog because that can backfire, and you’ll lose followers. So, the bottom line is that you need to be regular with your posts and be sure that every post is valuable and fresh.


4. PPC, CPM, affiliate marketing and AdSense

With money on your mind, you should have adequate knowledge about the force important areas of monetization as well as blocks are concerned. Generating income from content will be easy for you if you have adequate knowledge about the same and you are making attempts to understand how they work. This should not be difficult because there are many posts created that should help you understand what your strategy should be as far as these options are concerned.


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