Warren Buffett Helps to Generate Over $200 Million in Israel Bond Investments

NYC events featuring Warren Buffett, following similar Omaha gathering, draw international investors who demonstrated support for the State of Israel


L-R  Larry Silverstein, Warren Buffett, Israel Maimon/ Photo Shahar Azan, Israel Bonds


Warren Buffett, chairman, and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has helped Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds to procure indications to invest in Israel bonds exceeding $200 million. The expected new investments come as a result of private receptions with investors in New York on Thursday, June 15, as well as an earlier gathering in Omaha.

In order to attend the New York events, investors from the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico agreed to each make new Israel bond investments of between $1 million and $5 million.

Additionally, participants were given a private tour of the World Trade Center with Larry Silverstein, founder and chairman of Silverstein Properties and the developer of One World Trade Center.

Investors, Warren Buffett (C) and Moshe Maimon (R) / Photo Shahar Azan, Israel Bonds


Said Warren Buffett of his support for Israel Bonds, “The purchase of Israel bonds is a sound investment and a deserved endorsement of a remarkable country,” adding, “I like backing winners and am happy to own the bonds of Israel.”

Thursday evening’s reception opened with the presentation of letters to Buffett from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, who was represented by Accountant General Rony Hizkiyahu.

In 2006, Buffett made the acquisition of Israeli company ISCAR Metalworks, his first overseas purchase. Netanyahu shared in his message to Buffett, “As one of the world’s most successful leaders in business, your words and actions are closely followed and emulated. Your personal investment in Israel bonds is a powerful endorsement.”

Kahlon called Buffett’s support for Israel Bonds “an overt expression of faith in Israel’s future,” and wrote that Buffett’s affection for Israel is reciprocated. He said, “I want to express sincere appreciation for your unwavering confidence in Israel – its creative spirit, forward-looking attitude and, of course, its strong, resilient economy. We take pride in calling you a friend.”

Israel Maimon, president, and CEO of Israel Bonds stated, “More than 60 years ago, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion came to the United States to convince American Jewry to invest in Israel bonds and help Israel overcome what then looked like insurmountable challenges. Since then, Israel Bonds has grown more than he – or anyone – could have imagined. Today, we have the most famous investor in the world, Warren Buffett, expressing total confidence in Israel and its economy. We have certainly come a long way.”

Buffett holds $5 million in Israel bonds in his personal portfolio. In addition, Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio has included Israel bonds since the company’s acquisition of GUARD Insurance in 2012, now known as Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies.

Israel Bonds Celebrates Record of More Than $1.1 Billion in U.S. Sales in 2016


The New York events marked the second time in the past year Warren Buffett has partnered with Israel Bonds; in November he brought more than 40 Israel bond investors to his hometown of Omaha. Between the New York and Omaha gatherings, Buffett has helped to generate over $200 million in expected Israel bond investments.

Earlier this year, Israel Bonds exceeded $40 billion in worldwide sales since the first bonds were issued in 1951, and in 2016 alone, Israel Bonds surpassed $1.127 billion in U.S. sales.

Warren Buffett Invests Personal $5 Million in Israel Bonds


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