Published On: Sat, Dec 17th, 2016

Pagan priest wins right to wear goat horns on photo ID

Pagan priest wins right to wear horns on photo ID (Photo courtesy of Phelan Moonsong)


A Pagan priest from Millinocket, Maine has won the right to wear goat horns on his head for his driver’s licence photo. The 56-year-old was denied the right at first request, but successfully gain the same recognition as other religions.

Phelan MoonSong, ‘Priest of Pan’, has been wearing the goat horns since 2009 after a friend at a Pagan men’s group, whose goat had recently died offered them to the group. MoonSong took the horns home and claims to feel naked without them.

He drilled holes in each one and attached them to his forehead using stretchy, 50-pound fishing line that he wrapped around his head like an invisible skull cap.

Since “Horns of Pan” are an important part of his paganism, MoonSong  he posed with them for his new driver’s license photo.

For the whole story go to the Washington Post


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