Published On: Sun, Dec 11th, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Is Considering a Political Career


Rumors abound that Mark Zuckerberg may be testing the waters for a political run of some sort. The likelihood that he will seek office has increased with the surfacing of new information about his current contract with Facebook.

The revelations came as part of a report in Bloomberg on a law suit brought against Facebook by some of its share holders. The plaintiffs were annoyed with how Zuckerberg used his voting control of the company to change its rules to allow him to maintain that control even should he sell off enough of his shares to cease to be Facebook’s controlling share holder. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg could now give away as much as 99 percent of his Facebook shares to his charities and not lose voting control of the company.

The report revealed that the new rules also allow Mark Zuckerberg to retain his control of Facebook should he serve as much as two years in government. The type of government position was not specified and with his control over the company Zuckerberg could probably grant himself and extension to the two years.

So what type of office could Mr. Zuckerberg be thinking of? A period of only two years would clearly rule out a Senate run as Senate terms last for six years. Or a governorship either. And while Congressmen serve for only two years, it is highly unlikely that America’s youngest billionaire would settle for so little.

Maybe Donald Trump has offered him a role in the Trump Administration? The President elect has been filling his cabinet with business executives and fellow billionaires. But if that were the case than something would certainly have been reported about it by now.

Or perhaps he has been inspired by Donald Trump and is thinking about running for President himself? While only 32 years old today, Zuckerberg will be over the 35 year age minimum to hold the office come the elections of 2020. Two years would be more than enough time for Mark Zuckerberg to start running in the primaries and continue through a general election should he win a party’s nomination.

Now that Donald Trump won the Presidency people believe that anyone can do it no matter what their background or lack of political experience. President of the United States Mark Zuckerberg. How does that sound?

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