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It’s time for Netanyahu to be replaced

Op-ed: We need to thank Netanyahu for all of his accomplishments in office, especially in terms of security, but we also need to replace him with one of the many suitable candidates in the national camp.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Stockholm syndrome is a phenomenon wherein a captive identifies with his captor, the trauma creating positive feelings. Jerusalem syndrome is a rare phenomenon wherein tourist or pilgrims visiting the holy city stop communicating with the people around them and instead communicate with God and biblical characters. This syndrome is not connected to trauma, but rather to extreme psychological feelings.

Netanyahu syndrome is a phenomenon that developed in recent years in the State of Israel: The inability to examine the status quo in a rational way, strong feelings of blind hatred, and conspiratorial paranoia toward the prime minister and his surroundings. And on the other hand, blind reverence and resorting to slogans without the ability to discern their deficiencies.

We will begin with the bottom line: Netanyahu acts as if he did not care. He says things and their opposite, works without a team of advisors, and does not try to make himself appear statesmanlike. He changed this past year, and no one in his party or among his political opponents in the coalition knows how to explain it. If Israeli politics had a logical rationale, it would speak to an ending, but Israeli politics do not have a logical rationale and there is no study in the world that will prove that something here is over.

A fitting discovery: I am a person who thinks that the time has come for Netanyahu to be replaced. I voted for him many times in the past and worked for him, but the time has come to replace him. A new leader needs to emerge in the national camp. There are a host of qualified individuals with charisma, ethics, and courage.

Netanyahu, the person with the most experience in his midst has done his part for Israel. Despite the terrorist attack (at theSarona Market), our security situation is excellent (we do not face any existential threats) and our economic situation is good even though many people claim otherwise, and that is thanks to him. But our internal social situation has caused great concern for me, and that is also because of him. A time will come to say so long and thanks for all the fish, and that needs to be done with elections.

Here, I need to add one reservation: In order for this to happen, we must change the method of determining the prime minister, in which the prime minister serves a full term, without having to deal with the imaginary or real sins of the past, until a certain criminal level. Limiting the terms of the prime minister to eight years will prevent him from turning into a Kaiser. If it were this way, Olmert would have finished his term, and Rabin would not have had to retire during his first term.


By Yoaz Hendel, Ynet News

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