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The Rise of co-operative Gaming

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Even though gaming can sometimes be a very solitary pastime, especially if you want to enjoy some alone time in the comfort of your lair endlessly wiling the hours away with your controller in your hand, but you may be surprised to hear that there has been an incredible rise in the popularity of co-operative gaming in recent years. Over the decades the art of co-operative play has evolved making gaming a much more mutual and even supportive way of enjoying some of the biggest gaming releases.

From sharing a gaming pad to split screen action, the concept of multiplayer video games has grown. No longer is it necessary to hook up multiple Xbox consoles using the multilink system in order to play with and against your friends. Now you can simply login online and play with absolutely anyone from anywhere in the world and at any time you choose. In fact as the industry evolves huge multiplayer gaming experiences can even be enjoyed directly from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile-device. You can enjoy gaming with Royal Vegas or boot up your PC and join in on a massively multiplayer online game more simply than ever before.

Gaming has always been quite a social experience. Thanks to the development of software and technology as well as the rolling out of quicker broadband speeds and faster processing power, the ability to game online in real-time against hundreds if not thousands of opponents has become incredibly fast and seamless. Of course with so many gamers playing at once there is a terrific strain on power and resources and due to varying levels of piracy it is typically required for players to own their own console as well as a copy of the game and a subscription in order to play online with others.


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But with the mobile gaming market constantly growing the console industry has begun to embrace some of its competitor’s winning strategies. The mobile market has seen a significant shift in revenue away from consoles mostly thanks to its convenient way of providing quick to play games for its mobile audience. Co-operative play is already promoted through various online and mobile-related games such as Facebook’s Farmville for instance which encourages players to invite their social network buddies to play which rewards the gamer with in-game benefits.

Some of the most popular gaming experiences available on these mobile-based platforms have been offered as free-to-play games that rely heavily on either advertising or in-app microtransactions to drive revenue. And now the console market is beginning to take a similar approach by introducing more and more downloadable content for users to play.



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