Published On: Fri, Sep 18th, 2015

Dog Watches Guard Over Trapped ‘Best Friend’ for a Week

ht_dogs - Amy Carey/Vashon Island Pet Protectors - Tillie,   an Irish Settler Spaniel mix,   stood guard over her friend Phoebe,   a Basset Hound,   for a week after the two strayed away from home on Sept. 7,   2015 ,   according to their rescuer.


Tillie the dog is being hailed as a hero for watching over his canine best friend, Phoebe, for a whole week after the two strayed from home and Phoebe fell into a cistern, according to the dogs’ rescuer and owner.

“Tillie always goes with her to make sure she’s OK, ” Duft said. “They’re best pals — inseparable, “owner B.J. Duft told ABC News.

Carey, a community member, told ABC, that he saw a dog for the past few days coming up to his house, near him,  and then go back down behind the house. he went after him to investigate and was relieved to discover Phoebe stuck in a cistern down the ravine — and most amazing of all — Tillie standing just above the cistern watching guard over Phoebe.

“It was very clear what Tillie had done, ” Carey said. “She had not left her friend’s side except for going up to the man’s house when he was there to try and get help for Phoebe.”

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