Stephen Ross thinks drone racing could be huge international sport


Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins


A number of months in the past, Ross’ New York funding agency, RSE Ventures, bankrolled a start-up referred to as Drone Racing League to work on turning what’s now little greater than an underground interest for enthusiastic drone geeks right into a worthwhile enterprise.

With Ross’ preliminary funding of $1 million, the drone league experimented with its idea this summer time by gathering a small group of quadcopter pilots to race their machines by means of an deserted century-old energy plant in Yonkers, N.Y.

The small helicopter-like drones sped across the course arrange inside the economic hulk, flying by means of doorways — whereas avoiding the obstacles of the plant’s remaining rusty gear — at speeds as quick as a automotive.

Drone Racing League founder Nick Horbaczewski stated he plans to arrange drone races anyplace birds have a captivating view: from jungles to parking garages to historic landmarks.

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 Stephen Ross


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