Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

Bernie Sanders and “top secret” emails are catching up to Hillary Clinton


Talk about a bad moment for Hillary Clinton. It’s too early to say that the Clinton juggernaut is in danger of sinking, but it is taking on water — and fast.

Here’s what we’ve learned in the last 24 hours:

  1. The email server Clinton wiped clean is headed to the Justice Department.
  2. Some of the emails she already had turned over to State contained material that could be deemed “top secret.”
  3. Bernie Sanders is now leading her in New Hampshire.

To recap: As secretary of state, Clinton used a personal email account attached to a private server at her home in upstate New York and did not use a government account at all. That means she kept emails that should have been in the public domain on a personal server. When the State Department asked for her correspondence, her team divided email messages it deemed to be related to her work from those it deemed to be personal in nature. The work emails were sent to the State Department, and the rest were wiped from her server — an odd act, at the very least.

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