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Is There a Secret Formula for Investing? Seth Klarman Answers

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While reading Margin of Safety, I ran into one of Klarman’s statements that turns out to be very real and defines the implicit difficulty of being an investor:

“Many investors greedily persist in the investment world’s version of a search for the Holy Grail: the attempt to find a successful investment formula. It is human nature to seek simple solutions to problems, however complex. Given the complexities of the investment process, it is perhaps natural for people to feel that only a formula could lead to investment success.

“One simplistic, backward-looking formula employed by some investors is to buy stocks with low P/E ratios. The idea is that by paying a low multiple of earnings, an investor is buying an out-of-favor bargain. In reality, investors who follow such a formula are essentially driving by looking only at the rear-view mirror. Stocks with a low P/E ratio are often depressed because the market price has already discounted the prospect of a sharp fall in earnings. Investors who buy such stocks may soon find tha the P/E ratio has risen because earnings have declined.

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Seth Klarman

Seth Klarman

Billionaire investor Seth Klarman, who

runs the Boston-based Baupost Group,

had heart bypass surgery last week and

was expected to go home Tuesday. A letter

to investors released this week reads,

according to Bloomberg: More…

Seth Klarman Getty 640x360

, who manages Baupost group, increased

his stake in PBF Energy by 54.83%, according

to gurufocus. His shares in the refiner and

supplier of petroleum products grew from

3, 067, 828 to 8, 663, 114. He has been More…

Seth Klarman Getty 640x360

You’ve heard of the tech bubble and the housing

bubble. Now Seth Klarman says we have to be

on the lookout for a “complacency bubble.

” The rise in equities doesn’t seem consistent

with growing More…

SX00164_9 Seth Klarman  president of The Baupost Group BLOOMBERG 1

– Klarman’s Baupost Group has acquired a major

share in Kindred Biosciences, a bio-pharmaceutical

company specializing in the domestic animal health

market –   Seth Klarman / Getty – Seth Klarman’s More…

SX00164_9 Seth Klarman  president of The Baupost Group BLOOMBERG 1

– Klarman’s private investment group TEST3,

Baupost, has sold off two million shares in the

Eire based pharmaceuticals group, earning his

company an estimated $5.7million on the deal,

while retaining a shareholding More…

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The New York Times calls the Sohn Investment

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51599374-George-Soros- Carl Icahn

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