Published On: Wed, Apr 8th, 2015

Rumors: Google Developing GMeet App to Take Over Teleconferencing

GMeet will allow users to schedule conference calls.


“Google Meetings is coming, ” Google+ user Florian Kiersch (Mortes) wrote late Tuesday night.

“Login currently appears to be limited to Googlers, so it’s only possible for Googlers to create events. It’s possible to join as a guest though, given you have an event code or know one of the participants.

“There’s also a supporting Chrome extension.

“It’s not clear yet, whether this will become a (business-) consumer product, or whether it will be a public-facing management tool for Googlers to create events and invite external people.

“I assume there might be an announcement soon, if this is meant to become a consumer product.”

According to ValueWalk, the new app represents a major step forward for ease of use, as it only requires one click to join a conference call—other teleconferencing apps require users to enter a phone number to join the conversation.

In GMeet, the user chooses a meeting topic—within the app’s parameters, obviously—and then invites others to the call.

GMeet will allow users to schedule conference calls.

It’s not clear, though, why Google would develop a new app that appears to compete with its own Google Hangouts.

So, we’ll probably find out down the road.

ValueWalk speculated the new app will be presented as an enterprise collaboration tool, and Google wants to compete with the traditional teleconferencing platforms.

It could also be intended for internal company communications only. Who knows?

The fact that, for now, only Google employees can log into the app, supports this view.

Now we start waiting for the real information.

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