Will Monica Lewinsky Join The View? We’re Decidedly Not Excited

Hopefully it will be able to find a better way to bring in new viewers.

Monica Lewinsky

Say it isn’t so! Daytime women’s talk show “The View” is reportedly considering offering Monica Lewinsky a job as a guest host.

Has not the world been punished enough by this woman’s continued presence? Is it not enough that she resurfaces every few years to remind us all of the most famous blow job in American history? Do we really need to let this woman join the list of Americans who became famous for no reason like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian?

So what exactly are Lewinsky’s credentials that would qualify her for the job? The show’s first panel member, the now retired Barbra Walters, had a lifetime of experience as a journalist and an interviewer.

Other members of the panel show, like Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell, were both actresses who had at one time or another hosted their own daytime talk shows.

Deadline reported that “The View” is looking for ways to spice things up due to its ratings woes. The show has had a number of cast shakeups in recent years, but the ABC show still beats its knock off competitor on CBS “The Talk.”

Hopefully it will be able to find a better way to bring in new viewers.

A few years ago NBC News paid Chelsea Clinton multiple six figures per year to be a roving reporter, in spite of her having had no news experience whatsoever. Her reports were weak to say the least and the network thankfully ended the experiment last year.

As Deadline points out, ABC may be wary of hiring Lewinsky as such a move would surely piss off the Clintons. No television network can afford to do so ahead of the upcoming 2016 Presidential elections in which Hilary Clinton is the inevitable winner of the Democratic nomination.

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