Published On: Sun, Mar 8th, 2015

Dennis Hof’s Book Celebrates America’s Most Notorious Legal Whorehouse

Psychologist Dr. Sheenah Henkin says Hof is a "terminator" with no empathy

the art of the pimp

Dennis Hof, a friend and, some would say, colleague of America’s most notorious madame, Heidi Fleiss, exposes warts and all in his memoir about running the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Nevada’s most famous legal brothel.

Hof is star of HBO’s Cathouse, and his memoir, “The Art of the Pimp” is not only a recollection of his life in the sex trade, but gives tips and pointers on how to sell yourself …. literally. According to the NY Post, Hof recounts getting kissed by Marilyn Monroe, and after that, preferring blondes (although he is hardly a gentleman).

He ran a gas station during the 1970s oil embargo when gas prices were soaring, and an owner of a local massage parlor said her girls couldn’t get to work because they couldn’t afford the gas. He then exchanged gas for sexual favors from the professionals, and that began his love affair with prostitutes.

Hof made a fortune in time shares, and eventually purchased the brothel that would bear his name, Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch for a cool million. In the book he discusses why his brothel was a kinder, gentler whorehouse than the hardcore criminal enterprises featured in some films. In his book, Hof brags about how he empowered girls to market themselves well. However, he allows others to disclose darker sides of his personality, including his dishonesty, desire to control, how he wouldn’t get involved with a woman over 21 even when he was 65, and how he allegedly drove one prostitute to a dangerous eating disorder.

In the book, a psychologist, Dr. Sheenah Hankin says Hof is a narcissist and a terminator with no empathy. She calls his behavior sadistic, and according to the New York Post, it is “both unrecognized and denied.” Why did Hof put in such a scathing assessment of himself in his memoir? To give an honest account? Or does he think the therapist would say that about any pimp.

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