Published On: Thu, Mar 5th, 2015

Still Accosted by Politicians, Sydney Leathers Snags another Weiner

Sydney Leathers is tired of getting Democrats in trouble, and hopes for a Republican politician next time

Sydney Leathers

The porn star from Indiana who put a sexting nail in the coffin of Anthony Weiner’s political career, which was moribund after a previous illicit sex text scandal, has snagged yet another Democratic statesman, who calls himself Bitch Boy,  according to the Daily Mail. 

The politician, if he’s discovered, should lose his job and be forced out of office. Not because of the kinky fetish laden text messages he sends her, but because he was stupid enough to put his real name and return address on a package of lingerie he ordered for her, although he carefully protected his anonymity up until then by using prepaid PayPal card. How can we trust someone to make our laws if he is that careless?

Sydney Leathers was speechless when she saw his real name on the package and could hardly believe it. However, she refuses to make any hints about his identity. She feels especially protective toward him because  he is a Democrat and she describes herself as “liberal as you can get. Leathers said she was hoping, if she was going to snag another politician, that it would be a Republican, because she doesn’t want to destroy the career of yet another Democratic politician.

The adult actress and dominatrix, when asked how she managed to attract another politician by accident, told the Daily Mail, “Apparently, only politicians can pick up on my pheromones.” Even Leathers was a bit shocked by some of his fetishes, which include dressing up as a French maid costume and cleaning her house while she degraded him, being tied up and locked in a closet and forced to watch her have sex with her boyfriend. The two have never met face to face and carry on their encounters through explicit texting.

Anthony Weiner, a Democratic congressman from the 9th district, left office in 2011 after sex texting with a college student. He attempted to make a comeback in the 2012 mayoral race, but got into hot water with Sydney Leathers, and it has nothing to do with a Jacuzzi.

Leathers told the Daily Mail, “Is he (the new Weiner) displaying poor judgment by sexting me of all people? Obviously. But should sexual situations define politicians. They are human, after all. Some are more human than others.”

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