Israeli Lucid Boosts Battery Life for Social Networking Apps

Also introduced in version 3.0 is the PowerXtend Touch technology that enables smooth user-experience in a variety of applications.

Israel’s Lucidlogix (Lucid), which provides mobile power solutions, announced the availability of its new PowerXtend v3.0 for Android.

Lucid boasts that its patent pending PowerXtend product family optimizes CPU/GPU computational load which results in lower power consumption in your smartphone. The company says that it addresses content dynamically in gaming, browsing, navigation and video. PowerXtend API enables the device integrator to control the user experience trade-off. Its apps have minimal memory footprint providing for straightforward integration.

According to Lucid, unlike other power saving solutions which limit device functionality by disabling features or limiting performance, PowerXtend truly enables a full featured experience without compromises. Understanding that mobile device user-experience is driven both by great battery life and exceptional performance, the company says that PowerXtend Touch enables Lucid’s OEM customers to build high standard premium devices with extraordinary battery life.

Combining enhanced battery life with full device functionality, PowerXtend increases device mobility while keeping it smart. PowerXtend Modules, which are content drivers for apps, now support social networking, web browsing, maps, navigation and gaming apps. The latest addition to the modules family, PowerXtend Social Module, now enables longer battery life while using the world’s most popular social networking and instant messaging apps.

Also introduced in version 3.0 is the PowerXtend Touch technology that enables smooth user-experience in a variety of applications. The technology targets device interaction such as scrolling, zooming and panning and fine-tunes the power saving engine operation to provide a flowing experience. Built to complement the PowerXtend Mind, power saving engines, PowerXtend Touch greatly enhances the range of supported applications and use-cases.

Social networking apps and platforms such as Facebook, WeChat and QQ run smooth in a variety of use-cases such as multimedia messaging, streaming video and push-to-talk audio chats, enabling maximal power saving while maintaining a great overall experience.

“A smooth experience and increased mobility were our guiding light when creating PowerXtend v3.0.” said Adina Shorr, Lucid’s Chairman and CEO. “As mobility and functionality are both crucial factors to the user-experience in modern mobile devices, we are confident that PowerXtend will continue to enable our customers to build no-compromise devices with superior performance.”

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