Published On: Sun, Mar 1st, 2015

Lewd Food Humor Aside, Nigella Lawson’s ‘The Taste’ too Bland for America

Nigella Lawson's "The Taste" considered boring in the U.S., despite hostess' sex appeal

Nigella Lawson

As predicted, Nigella Lawson’s “The Taste” was not a big hit in the U.S., and ABC is pulling the plug on the cooking show, according to the Daily Mail. Even the busty, charming 55 year old star of the show couldn’t salvage ratings, and the number of viewers plummeted, from 5.8 million to 2.7 million since its launch in 2013.

The show, which has chefs compete to see who can produce the tastiest morsel had a decent run, according to some estimations, with three seasons. According to the Daily Mail, management said this was “no disgrace at all.” However, it is no secret that critics said the show was “boring” in spite of Lawson’s sex appeal and jokes. While some thought the reason for the cancellation was that fans were weary of another cooking show, this does not seem to be the reason, since ABC management indicated they are going to look for a replacement that has a food theme. Nigella Lawson might have to use her balabusta skills elsewhere (yes, she is Jewish) or work on sorting her personal life out, which sounds like a soap opera.

Nigella is the daughter of  Nigel Lawson, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer under Margaret Thatcher. She has had to endure an ugly and public divorce from Charles Saatchi, which included photos of Saatchi publicly grabbing her by the throat. Next came her admitting to taking cocaine and smoking grass in front of her children, although adding she is not an addict. As a result, she had to re-apply for her work Visa in the United States, where even suspected, but not proven, drug users can have their visas cancelled or blocked. To top it all off, Nigella had testify in a fraud case involving Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, assistants at Saatchi. The two sisters claimed Nigella said they could continue to spend money as long as they kept Nigella’s drug use a secret from her then husband.

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