Remini App Offers Instant Communication Between Teachers and Parents

"What parents and schools are finding out about Remini is that it is a secure space to share a child's memories and achievements with the people who really count, "

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Israeli-American company Remini, which produces a secure “niche free” app for child-centric family networking, recently passed the 12, 000 users mark and shared a record 70, 000 photos last month.

Remini boasts that its app allows parents, close family and early childhood teachers to safely share, update, and create ever-lasting memories of your child’s life story.

Its app for parents allows users to instantly capture and share their child’s developmental milestones, candid moments, and important events. Its app for educators allows users to communicate with parents safely and quickly. They can send parents photos and messages about their children’s achievements and progress, photograph projects and interactions, and share class trips and events.

Educators can also record and document educational milestones that inform ongoing assessment and planning and save all of the information to albums. And they can quickly send updates and alerts to individual parents or the entire class, share curriculum plans, and create daily or weekly newsletters.

Teachers can set up a class profile (or profiles if applicable), invite parents to a class, and upload materials from the school day. When teachers want to share materials with parents they tag a specific child or entire class.

“We knew we had something special but were surprised by how well Remini was received by its users, especially the teachers, ” said Raz Wasserstein, Remini co-founder.

“This stems from the fact there is an increasing need for parents and schools to privately share children’s photos within a tight-knit community. This is accompanied by a reluctance to upload photos to widespread social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc), and the frustration of memories ‘disappearing’ in the mountains of emails and instant messaging services. What parents and schools are finding out about Remini is that it is a secure space to share a child’s memories and achievements with the people who really count, ” Wasserstein said.

Remini co-founder Doron Oded recalled, “Earlier in the school year we heard from one preschool administrator that a teacher who wasn’t performing well improved performance dramatically after Remini became the school’s primary tool for documenting class activities and sharing with parents.”

The teacher needed to up the level of engagement in the classroom and the app provided that opportunity.

At the end of the day, instead of scattering a child’s memories across platforms (Facebook, Gmail, etc), Remini is a place dedicated to the child where both parents and teachers retain full rights to all uploaded materials.
It is available for iOS and Android systems or accessible through most web browsers.

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