Will Ford CEO Mark Fields Win the Car Wars With his New Hires?



Mark Fields at 2015 CES

Ford CEO Mark Fields wants to create an innovative and “disruptive” car company, and has three new hires in the passengers seat to ensure Ford wins the race, according to autonews.com.

Fields has hired John Casesa, a former Wall Street auto analyst and dealership co-owner to be senior executive for corporate strategy and business development. Ken Washington, who has been called “Ford’s rocket man” was head of a 700 scientist team at Lockheed Martin’s space systems, and is now vice president of research and advanced engineering. Paul Ballew is the new chief data and analytics officer, and has previously worked for Dun and Bradstreet, Nationwide Insurance and GM.

Ford is faced with a race for technology, with competitors like Tesla for the electric market and other companies developing self-driving cars. Fields, who is Ford’s first Jewish CEO, has said he wants the cars to be not only innovative, but affordable for the average consumer. When Fields opened the Silicon Valley office, he sounded like a CEO of a tech company when he said, “It’s very important for us to have one foot into today, in delivering today’s business, and one foot in tomorrow, in terms of looking at trends that we see in the marketplace … “as reported by autonews.com


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