Published On: Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015

Forget Farmville, Mark Zuckerberg Is Building Zee Town

Want to work for Facebook? You'll have to move to Zee Town


Not only does Mark Zuckerberg enable us to keep tabs on each other online with Facebook (and perhaps is keeping tabs on us, according to some conspiracy theories), but it looks like he wants to keep most of his employees in one place by designing a waterfront community for them called, at least for now, Zee-town.

Zuckerberg has purchased a 200 acre area outside of San Francisco after already spending $400 million on a 55 industrial area close to the Menlo Park Facebook headquarters. The town will be designed by 85 year old architect Frank Gehry who designed the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. Already Zuckerberg has asked master architect Gehry to tone down his designs a bit so as not to make the buildings clash with the environment.

Zee town is expected to house 10, 000 Facebook employees, and will feature dormitories, villas, hotels and shopping areas. The design is also ecological, and there will be trees planted on the roof.  While the emphasis is on kindness to the environment, some critics have pointed out issues with the need for workers to travel to the headquarters by car.

According to the Daily Mail, Sarah Goodyear, a business writer said Zee Town, “epitomizes the planning failures of the past three generations in California, and avoids connecting with a real messy place like San Francisco.”

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