Published On: Wed, Feb 18th, 2015

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Wants Google’s Help with Online World Domination

Facebook might not beat Google in the internet race, so why not join them?


Google and Facebook can be friends when it comes to connecting the world.

In the past, the two internet giants have competed for ad relevance, and now they are developing cutting edge technology to ensure everyone on the planet has internet access. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s effort,, is dispatching satellites for that purpose and Google’s project Loon is sending out balloons to the far corners of the world to get people online.

However, since bringing as many human beings as possible to the internet is good for both companies, and for the human race, as far as the two visionaries are concerned, there is no need to compete. The only reason to have an arms race type of competition might be that maybe the competitive impulse might be enough to spur on inspiration to make the technology faster, better and more comprehensive.

However, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg told customstoday, “People need to be able to search and find information. I think it is an important thing, and I would love to work with Google.”

Google’s balloons that provide internet connectivity can stay up in the air for around 70-100 days, and one was reported to have circled the globe three times before landing. Google also bought Titan aerospace, which provides it with drones. Facebook, wanted to by Titan, but Google purchased it first.

Never, mind. There is going to be a clash of the drones rather than the clash of the titans as Facebook is developing its own drones in its connectivity lab. However, Google still has those cool balloons. And since Google, unlike WhatsApp, may be too big for Facebook to buy, why not convince Google that it needs Facebook?

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